Suggestions for upgrading from a Marantz 6005 CD player.....

I have 2 systems in 2 different rooms. I purchased a Marantz Ki Ruby CD player for system 1 and it's outstanding. On system #2 I have a Marantz 6005 which is pretty good. I'm considering upgrading the 6005 but don't want to spend $4 for the Ki Ruby. I've seen used Marantz SA8005 for $600-$800 range. I'm wondering if they would be a significant improvement over the 6005? I've loved the sound of Marantz for 50 years so I don't want to change manufacturers. Please comment if you have had experience with the 8005. Thanks.


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I have the KI Pearl and had the CD6004.  If you like the Marantz sound, there is definitely a difference going up the line.  More detail and dynamics, and the KI Pearl has really solid build quality.  The only button I use on mine is the power button, for some reason they didn't design it so you could power it on with the remote.

Look into either the Marantz or Technics latest offerings ($2500/$3000)

I had both the Marantz SA 8001 and SA 8005 and quite honestly did not care for the sound  of either one.  Besides that, the buttons were so small and cheap feeling.  I sold both of them within the first month of ownership.  The 8001 was a store demo and the 8005 was purchased used.