Suggestions for Tube CD with 6922's under $1500

I am looking to upgrade from my Adcom GCD 600 player. I have two 6922 Amperex USN tubes leftover from a ARC SP9 MK2. I am looking for a high quality player that would compliment my system under $1500 that uses tubes in the 6922 family. I enjoy low powerful bass, nuetral mids and highs. I listen to classic rock mostly...Rest of system compliment: McCormack DNA-1, Tube Audio Design-150, Vandersteen 2CE Signatues...

How about a BAT VKD5 ?

You may possibly get one for a tad more than your $1500 price point.

I had this player for quite a while and it was very easy to live with.


Paul :-)
I have a Eastern ELectric Minimax and have rolled it with Ameperex 6922 Holland PQs and its sound wonderful.