Suggestions for Thiel and Conrad Johnson tube amp

Has anyone had experience with either Thiel CS-1.5 or CS-2.2 and the basic CJ tube amps?
I currently have a MV-52 (45 watts), Creek OBH-12 passive preamp, cd transport/DAC, and tube tuner. My room is 11 x 18 x 8. I listen to jazz and classical at moderate levels.
(I am replacing 20 year old Boston A-100 speakers).
Which Thiels are a better fit for me?
I long used Thiel CS2s and a c-j MV-75a. I still have the c-j amp. I mainly drive my 3.6s with Bryston now. My guess is the CS 2 2s will give you better bass than the 1.5s, though nothing super. My general experience with the Thiel line is that each step up in speaker model gives you a little something better. The 2.3s will probably be better than the 2 2s and all the 1 series for example. The 2.4 better yet. Your amp will do fine more than likely. It may not drive the CS 3.6s or CS 6s well, but the 2 2s will be a good match imho.
IMHO, one would be better off choosing an amp for a speaker, rather than speakers for an amp. This is especially true for Thiels. If you like the sound of tubed c-j's perhaps you should consider one of their preamps(instead).
I am driving my Thiel 2.3s with a Plinius SA 100 amp and CJ Premier 17 pre-amp. I find that the Thiel's really benefit from the SS / Tube combo, as the SS provides the power necessary to drive the heavy Thiel load, while the tube provides welcome warmth to what has been described as an analytical sounding speaker...all that said, I understand that the new 2.4s are easier to drive than past Thiels, and this might make them a good fit for your CJ amp. I've listened to the 2.4s once at a local audio shop and I found them to be a big step up from the 2.3s.
The Thiel CS6 and Stratos extreme monoblock, is
world class match, the musicality and the
listening level is so high,when I took the
stratos to my friend and hooked up his x250,
He cant even listen to it, It was so obvious
that the music jump out of the window.
Even the Krell 300 FPB,and Thiel with good
front end did not match the musicality of
Thiel and Extreme.Try first before you buy.