Suggestions for the best DAC under 1K

I would like to get some other A'goners opinions on what the best DAC might be for under 1K. It can either new or used. I would be using my CDP (Shanling T-100) as a transport for the time being.

For example the Musical Fidelity A-3.24 retails for over 1k but can be purchased new with discount for under 1k. I also know that Sonic Frontiers has made some good products as has Theta. I am sure that there are many good products available but I have very little experience with any of them except for what I have read in reviews.

I am looking for more detail without harshness and of course lots of musicality approaching vinyl standards. Maybe this is not possible at this price point but I am sure that my fellow A'goners will be able to give me some insight into what is available.

Thanks for your help. Happy Listening!!
John Marks of Stereophile suggests the Benchmark Media Systems DAC-1. ($950) I bought one and love it. I haven't compared it to anything else but it sounds like the real thing to me.
No contest, Bel Canto DAC 2.0. Can be had for about $900 used if you are patient. Universally well reviewed, excellent selling potential. I sold my DAC 1.0 in one day, priced right and it held its value pretty well while I used it for about 3 years. Another possibility, the Scott Dixon DAC, that goes for about $350 new.....been compared to the DAC 2.0 and to other more pricy offerings. While affordable, it does not have as finished of a look as more expensive products.
The Electrocompaniet used for around $1300 is the best choice of all the DACs I have heard under $2K.

Happy Listening.
Bel Canto Dac 2 for $800-900 used would be very hard to beat........I would take this over Musical Fidelity Dac and I am big fan of MF gear.

This is well known time tested and often reviewed Dac (soundstage award winner) there are always relatively unknown newcomers out there that may be worth taking a chance on if you can get trail period.
Electrocompaniet Dac