Suggestions for sturdy sub $2,000 audio rack

Greetings. Trying to get suggestions for a sturdy non-stacking audio rack with four shelves minimum but five preferred. I was almost set to proceed with an Atacoma Eco series. It is several "tables"  so to speak that stack upon each other. However a few days ago I purchased a Pioneer PL-90 vintage turntable in mint condition. It's huge at 24 in wide and weighs about 40 lb. I know it's one in a million but I can't bear the thought of this thing tumbling if somehow things get bumped into. That's why I want a rack that bolts together into one solid assembly. All suggestions welcome. Thanks


They are not the most expensive stands for turntables here’s a list of the ones I tried


1. HIFIstay amp stands does the job but always having get on your knees all the time

2. iso acoustics

3. Townshend works well it uses a suspension technology but it makes your table wobbly so you have to wait for it to stop wobbling around when putting the cartridge down