Suggestions for streamer in bedroom system

For thirty years I have been a dedicated vinyl listener. I recently acquired a hard drive with 2500 titles, including multiple versions of the same recording. I wired my computer to an Ayre QB9, via Nordost Heimdall USB which feeds into my preamp. The results at 96 k and up are quite impressive. 
I want to wirelessly access the hard drive by using a streamer connected to a second bedroom system. Any recommendations under 1k?
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 You really need to hard wire the streamer or get one with storage.  The Bluesound is a very nice streamer and there is a version with storage. Just copy your music file on to the internal hard drive. If you want to an external DAC, I believe it has a digital output as well as USB. 

 The reason you need to hard wire and not go wireless is drop outs. If you are streaming CD quality it may not be a problem. But once you start streaming at higher bit rates it can become a problem.  The other thing I would suggest is to back up that hard drive. Hard drives can fail without warning. I have had it happen. 

+1 lostbears. I don’t know how the Bluesound Vault handles files already copied onto a hard drive. Maybe it transfers them, retagging, making them readable for Bluesound OS. I know I had some difficulty with the Node 2 accessing files on a NAS because it could not recognize much if the artwork that I had with Itunes, some artwork was missing from ripping, and other unrecognizable files. Bluesound likes a file folder it’s own way with each song as a file and the album artwork in that folder as a jpg.
Aurilac Aries Mini or as already suggested BlueSound Node. Both have their own control apps and quality analog outs so you don't neccessarily need another dac. 

Wireless operation is very possible if you have a quality network. The mini will need a wireless bridge, I believe the nodes have WiFi built in. 
I just added a NAS to my system and am controlling it with the Bluesound App.  The NAS files show up as individual tracks, with a thumbnail picture of the album cover by each track.  There is no “Album view” such as one gets with albums that have been ripped
in the Vault.
I suggest a Raspberry Pi with Allo DigiOne and digital coax to the DAC. Ethernet is cleaner than USB. Also I will recommend an iFi iPower 5v psu. Best $49. Total just over $200 with the Allo acrylic case cause its The only one that has been designed for the card.