Suggestions for streamer in bedroom system

For thirty years I have been a dedicated vinyl listener. I recently acquired a hard drive with 2500 titles, including multiple versions of the same recording. I wired my computer to an Ayre QB9, via Nordost Heimdall USB which feeds into my preamp. The results at 96 k and up are quite impressive. 
I want to wirelessly access the hard drive by using a streamer connected to a second bedroom system. Any recommendations under 1k?
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+1 lostbears. I don’t know how the Bluesound Vault handles files already copied onto a hard drive. Maybe it transfers them, retagging, making them readable for Bluesound OS. I know I had some difficulty with the Node 2 accessing files on a NAS because it could not recognize much if the artwork that I had with Itunes, some artwork was missing from ripping, and other unrecognizable files. Bluesound likes a file folder it’s own way with each song as a file and the album artwork in that folder as a jpg.