Suggestions for speakers for my setup

I am currently running a Marantz 8801 with an anthem p5 amplifier and paradigm studio reference speakers (bought these before they even had the signature line). These will be used for home theater and music listening. I remember listening to some polk speakers run from a carver amp when I was in high school that felt like someone was squeezing your chest when the bass hit. It really was startling. I'm looking for speakers that can do that without a subwoofer (I'll have a couple but I want some awesome full range speakers up front to start). I've been looking at the revel Ultima2 salon2 speakers but that is the upper limit on what I can spend without being divorced. Any suggestions?
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Fritz Carbon 7...

IMHO, it would be the Zu Audio Definition MK IV. Read the description of the bass in this review,

I especially like this comment,"A pair of them is barely legal. With the new Def's cabinet structure and loading, these dual 12" drivers will quite literally obliterate anything and everyone in their way. Pressurizing a room to clean dust off walls? No problem." Do read the entire review, as comments are made that the midrange is engaging and treble is silky smooth.

Here is another good review,

Since the sensitivity of the speaker is high, the sound will be very dynamic. Also, if you ever decide to upgrade your amp, you won't need mega power, so you could choose a more cost effective high quality, lower wattage amp.

I have heard these speakers at a friend's house with a quality 60 watt amp, and when he puts on the right music and cranks the volume just a little, this is how it feels,
Acoustic Zen Crescendos would be worth a look, although if you tell us more specifically what you're looking for in addition to bass you might get some better recommendations. Best of luck.
Thanks for the response. I hadn't heard of those speaker companies before but they look promising. I'm not exactly sure how to describe what I'm looking for other than transparency to source material while avoiding being too "bright" or having sibilance. I want a speaker that can groove with Jack Johnson but be able to keep up with Slipknot. I will also be using these in my home theater so dynamic range is important. They need to look good too, to increase WAF. I can spend up to 20k for main speakers.
Unless you have a problem with horn loaded speakers, perhaps take a look at the top of the Klipsch reference line or Heritage line. A used pair of KLF-30's (not made anymore) is also a great choice, esp for HT. Great dynamics in any of these and most are not budget busters for you. Good luck.
I wouldn't try to replicate something you heard in high school...most tastes have changed, developed, or matured...Revels are awesome will not be disappointed.
Mature?? I'm pushing 80 and notice constantly that most young fools just become old fools.
Wisdom can come with age BUT you have to be paying attention , a rare trait esp. in USA.

If I had a buck for every time I heard someone say their best years were in HS I could buy 2 Mercs and a pr of Magico7's.
Makes me glad I never went to HS.
Agree with Phasecorrect that there's a lot more to good sound than bass and tastes/priorities change over time, although if you can afford to get the bass -- and you certainly can at this price level -- why not?

Also agree that Revel makes excellent speakers that are certainly neutral sounding and definitely worth a listen. But given what you said about brightness/sibilants I think you should at least give a speaker with a ribbon tweeter a listen as some people find them very detailed but also do a nice job avoiding any hardness or harshness that can irritate some people. I again echo my recommendation for the Acoustic Zen Crescendos as they are full range, fairly easy on the eyes, and have a refined ribbon tweeter. And there happens to be a nice used pair on AG right not for a little under $10k, although new they're still well under your $20k limit at about $16k. I'd also take a hard look at the Vandersteen 5s (although not sure of the price in their latest iteration). You're in a great price neighborhood with lots of great choices, and I'm sure you're gonna get lots of other good recommendations I didn't think of.

Hope this helps, and best of luck.
My initial comments were related to audio takes time to develop a good ear and know what u want...outside of that human behavior is human behavior...and In not a shrink...probably could use one!...haha
IMHO. High sensitivity speakers tends to be bright specially paired with SS amp. Go with Tannoy or Sonus Faber for warm easy listening.
I have both the Marantz 8801 and the Revel Ultima Salon2's. If you want a listen, feel free to contact me. I'm in MA.
I have a pair of Zu Def 4s paired with Mcintosh MC60s, circa 1957. Just getting broken in. Bass-how badly do you want to hurt yourself? As above, If you want a listen contact me. Atlanta area. I'll check this thread periodically.
Thought about the Revels long and hard but dynamics more easily come with high efficiency.The Zus have two subs in aluminum billet down firing. Real solid bass. I can't make them say uncle.
The Vandersteen Quattro Wood CT's I heard at at a local shop recently had the most deep controlled punchy bass and kick I have experienced in recent years. $13,000 with required outboard crossover. I would snatch them if I had the funds.