Suggestions for speaker stand platforms?

My speaker stands are just barely tall enough and I'm considering putting them on platforms for extra height and to lower vibrations being transferred to the building.

My monitors are mounted on heavy stands spiked to the floor through a thick carpet and pad. My listening seat semi-reclines theater style. In the reclined position the speakers are just barely at the recommended height relative to my ears; the speakers are too low when sitting up. My living room is in a condo above a garage, but I'm still concerned about resonance bothering my neighbors.

My thought is to put platforms of a dense material under the speaker stands and down-firing subwoofer. The main goal is to elevate the speakers 2-3" while keeping the stands coupled to a massive object. A desirable side effect would be to reduce resonance being transferred to the building. The sub would probably benefit from firing into something more solid than the carpet, too.

Is this a reasonable solution or are there holes in my logic?
What material for the platforms would be best?
Should the platforms be bolted to the stands or should the stands be on spikes?

If more information is needed please feel free to ask!

Thanks in advance for sharing your insight and experiences.
I would suggest maple platorms with spikes. If you don't mind marking the platforms the spiked stands can sit directly on them. I have done this with my floorstanding Von Schweikert VR4JRs. See my system post for pictures. I would recommend Timbernation as a source.
Dpatterson, your set up is pretty much what I have in mind. It looks like you are spiking the speakers to the platforms, but not the platforms to the floor. Correct? What are the footers under your a platforms?

Can you comment on any changes in your system's sound after the platforms were added?

Thanks again for the help.
Are these for you Hales? I used to own a pair. Great speakers. Didn't Hales include spikes? from your pics I can't tell if you're using them...

I am not sure of your budget, but I'd consider Symposium shelves...and sometype of cone.
Maple is good. A much cheaper alternative is one I heard about from Noel at Skylan Stands. I have my Aries table on one of these. Go to Home Depot or similar and have 3/4" MDF cut into the size desired. Take 3 sheets, put Blutak at the corners and screw them together with brass screws, one at each corner and one in the center. Noel thinks they are better than maple, I have not conducted a test between mine and my Michigan Maple Block 3" one as it is not quite big enough for the Aries. But I am happy enough to have deferred any plans to buy a maple block for it. Try the MDF, your outlay will be minimal and if you are not happy you can go on to the more expensive alternatives. If you are using spikes put a washer or similar between then and the MDF. I use Audio Points with their saucers on mine.
Jfrech, my current speakers are Merlin TSMs. The Hales are now gone, but were indeed great speakers.

While the Symposiums would be a great solution, new stands would be cheaper (and I don't like my neighbors that much!).

Stanwal, that would be a quick and inexpensive solution that at very least would make for a good test. I may give it a try. Thanks!

Dpatterson, I did take a look at Timbernation and they sell black lacquered maple blocks that would work and fit the aesthetic requirements.

Lots of good info. Again, much appreciated.
Here is a solution for a 2" to 3" lift for 50 bucks or so.

Pick the size that will fit for the top plate of your stands and use some Herbies dots under your speakers.

Or, find the size that covers the bottom plate of the stands and spike them directly to the granite.
Thanks, Klipschfan. Granite slabs were actually my first thought (remnants from a memorial company to deaden the room vibrations and really bring the greats back from the grave?).

Does anyone have an impression to share regrading granite vs. maple? I recall hearing that granite is prone to ringing.
don't waste your money with timbernation, that bloke is a joke. my 3" thick maple stand still missing the cone feet from him. 3 weeks after delivery, I am still not able to use the amp stand. It's not like I asked him to add the cone feet after he shipped it out. everything was ordered in the initial email. I spent over 300 for a piece of useless junk. Want nice maple stand, go else where.
more on Timbernation over at Audio Circle. Most interesting is when Chris from Timbernation weighs in on the issue on page 2...
Thanks for the heads up, guys. Reading even one experience with a vendor like what was outlined in the thread referenced above is a total put off. I'll be sure to steer clear.