Suggestions for speaker cables for Wilson Watt/Pup

I'm building a custom Home Theater.Here are some of the equipment I will be using: Wilson watt/puppy 7, Wilson watch center, Aerials in the sides and rear,Aerial SW12 subs, Theta dreadnaught II 3x225 / 4 x100 amp, Krell showcase processor.I'm designing the room acoustically for both two channel and theater.My interest is more so two channel listening to Jazz, blues, and some rock.What speaker cables would any one suggest for the Wilson watt/puppy? Thanks
I am very pleased with the Kubala-Sosna Emotion speaker cables between my Jadis JA80 tube monoblocks and the Watt2/Puppy as well as between the Bryston 7B SST and the Wilson WHOW subwoofer. Also, I replaced the Watt/Puppy tail with the K-S Emotion.