suggestions for small speaker. floorstander of bookshelf.

i modded a pair of vandersteen 2c and i believe them to be too big for my 14' x 16' room. looking to downsize. i want to keep a full range sound. don't care if they are two foot tall. would like to be able to place them close to the wall. i live no place close to audition any speaker. i'm a strings, jazz vocals listener. i am looking at a pair of jse .8. i know they can't be the only option. thanks
You might consider using a pair of monitors with a subwoofer for ‘full reange’ sound in that size room.   

Any LS3/5A sealed type will fit the bill. Spendor 3/5r2 ,Harbeth P3ESR,etc. If you like Vandersteen you won’t go wrong with these!
I heard the Dynaudio C-1 Platinum in a shop and they are beautiful. 

Gallo Classico CL-2 monitors are a transmission line speaker with very open sonics. Underwood Hifi has a close-out sale here on Audiogon with the Gallo subwoofer.

What is your budget?
my budget is under $950.00
I think the Martin Logan "Motion" 15 & 35XT speakers looks really interesting.
Sonus Faber Chameleon B would be perfect.Cabinet size & 6" woofer give a solid Bass foundation & they are bottom ported so close to wall is no problem!They are also right at your budget limit & worth every penny!
As for the Martin Logan Motion mentioned above I demo’d them a few weeks ago & they need a little room to breath as the large port gets boomy close to wall & the 35XT’s are even worse,ALTHOUGH if they are given room to breath they are FANTASTIC speakers!
What are you driving them with?
Just stuff a pair of socks into the port -should tame the boom?
Q Acoustics Concept 20 
i am unfamiliar with using a sub with monitors. That may not be a bad thing but could somebody fill me in as to the hookup and placement of the sub. the gallo idea seems very interesting to me. do you need a separate amp crossover? i am clueless, sorry.
(((i modded a pair of vandersteen 2c and i believe them to be too big for my 14’ x 16’ room. looking to downsize.)))

Save your money.
Even though your speakers are 30 years old they are still ahead of smaller less cohesive box designs and other
well intended comments.
Even in a 9 x 12 room this works for you as its a sealed non ported design.
All you need to do is
(((insert the Vandersteen X2 assessment unit at your amp and start with the lowest dip switch settings.
Listen and work up on settings till desired bass is perfect for that room.
I promise you it will be a holy Cow moment!
Most likely un modding after will make the music even better.
Best JohnnyR Vandy dealer
PS if this is Greek to you call Audio connection Verona NJ
i am running the speakers with audio note kit el34 mono amps and an audionote kits L2 pre with many upgrades. actually i have even tried using just my wadia 121 dac. i am using silver cables as well and i think them to be bright. i am using a musical fidelity m1 transport.
it is not the bass i feel is an issue. it is more the mid and tweet. i turn them all the way down. will this x2 you speak of also help there? i don't really know if it's the speaker or the fact i am probably just 10' - 12' away when listening to them.
Sounds like a room/environmental issue...perhaps you need something absorbent in your listening area.
Send me a few pics of your set up to
please measure room exactly
my 14’ x 16’ room.?
are speakers on the 14 or 16 wall
Measure from exact center of speaker as follows
how far out from the wall behind speakers
how far out from side walls
ear height inches from ground at relaxed seating position
distance from your left ear to speaker Left
distance from your Right ear to speaker Right
distance of Left speakers tweeter to Right speakers tweeter inches
After this we can address proper tilt back
correct power response and diffuse early first reflection pt.
Best JohnnyR
i will try to gather this info for you. it may take a day. i appreciate your concerns and help.
Platinum Audio Solo speakers, small 2-way, NO need for subwoofer...
read: "the Solos in-room are flat down to 32Hz, and even make a brave try at reproducing the 25Hz band!"   Read more at

I let my Vandy 2cs go a long time ago and have regretted it ever since.

Until I bought Spatial M2 Turbos...  They're over your budget, however.