Suggestions for small shelf sytem....

Any ideas for a small shelf system (CDP + integrated or receiver) that will occupy the space on top of a tall dresser in my 3 y/o's room (out of reach of 3 y/o of course)?

I made a trip to local chain audio stores and was sorely disappointed by their offerings. I've tried to find some new Teac Reference components, but that stuff is very scarce these days. I don't need speakers necessarily..

Thanks for the help!
Look at Linn products. The Classik is an all in one unit. I recently purchased a used Genki cdp and man am I impressed.
You don't mention budget. In the absence of this information, I will suggest that there are some nice "one-box" systems like the Arcam Solo or Linn Classik.
A less expensive alternative to the Arcam and Linn is the NAD L-53. Paired with Usher S-520's to make a $1,000 retail price system, it was very impressive at the price. There's a refurbished L-53 listed right now at a good price.
I just went through this. I ended up with a music hall Trio. The Arcam had a few more features but was double the price. The Linn is "quirky" to say the least-good unit though.
On the budget side, NAD and Rotel make respectable units also.
Word has it that Shanling is coming out with an all in one unit very soon???
Not excatly audio hi end, but in the kiss mode{keep it simple stupid}:] The all in one units from Cambridge Audio and Polk, Bose, sound quite good, well above table radios etc. By the by the Teac Reference gear is great, they do appear used from time to time and even new from some AGon vendors. Stephen at Quest for Sound may yet have some of the Teac gear, as Harveyonline. Stephen also carries the NAD gear as well as I recall. Worth a call for advise or other alternatives. Good hunting.
Thanks every one for the responses. I'll investigate your suggestions. BTW, budget is <$1000. I have some Paradigm Atom speakers I can use with unit/s. Thanks again!
Teac reference on sale right now at A-gon. Funny tonality IMHO.
I prefer Denon UD-M31 or D-F101s. Just upgrade the speakers.
For $999 (retail, get the hint???) you can get the MH Trio from Spearit-sound. It'll work great with your Atoms and take up no space at all.