Suggestions for rock music

I listen to mostly rock based music (no classical, no jazz) at moderate levels in a mid size room and am curious on speaker suggestions. I did a ton of upgrades this past year to every piece of my system except my speakers. I think the SongTowers are absolutely amazing for $2k, but I am wondering if I have surpassed them now with my electronics?

K&K Audio Maxxed-Out
VPI Classic w/SoundSmith Zephyr
Salk SongTowers

I read a lot of posts about all these higher dollar speakers you guys are running but I never know what type of music you are listening to. I spoke with Jim at Salk and for my tastes he recommends the next step as the HT2-TL's at $4500 (the smaller HT1-TL's not a good match). I am sure the HT2-TL's are incredible, but the only thing putting me off is the size of them. Any suggestions on something smaller in stature that will give me that realism, imaging, and sound stage?

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Not familiar with your BAT but if it matches I might suggest looking at a used vandersteen quatro (or 5A if you can stretch) or new von schweikert 4JR in your price range. If you really like the salk's then going up the line probably would be a safer bet for you if the size can be dealt with.
I see Vortex's point about being able to have access to the designers. I have had a great experience with this and have greatly benefited from being able to ask questions of and get answers from the people that are putting themselves into their products. Nobody has as much knowledge and experience as these guys (not even the dealers). Just in the past two weeks I was able to get phenomenally valuable info from both my speaker and amp designers. They always seem to be pretty happy to spend time helping their customers.