suggestions for replacing my aragon 8008bb

im very new on here but like to read the forum , id like to replace my aragon 8008bb for a newer amplifier with better sound quality ,rca is favoured but not essential im using sound-lab dynastats there a hybrib electrostatic i believe and also use apogee duet sigs which was the reason i purchased the aragon over the likes of the krells for budget reasons, my budget is up to 3000/4000 gbp im happy with new or second hand im very open minded to digital amplifiers i heard a van de leur digital type amplifier and really liked it on first impressions but after a week or so i put the aragon back in and found my aragon was better sounding, i liked the build quality and attention to detail of the van de leaur ie quality binding posts and isolation feet was also part of the design any advise is very much appreciated