Suggestions for replacing Lexicon RV8

I'm looking to replace a Lexicon RV8. Currently have 7.1 HT setup and a 2nd zone stereo (using an external amp). Not interested in video processing as I use the Oppo 105D directly to monitor. Love the Logic7 processing. Room correction would be a plus, although I currently use REW and a parametric EQ. No need for a tuner.

I would like something high end from a few years ago that does HT and stereo. Could be a pre/pro that I add an amp to...or an AV receiver like the RV8 (haven't seen anything like it).

I don't think anyone responded because they don't have direct experience with your device.

You mentioned "Logic7" as a plus for your current Lexicon.  I think the only option I can think of that has reportedly pleasing music surround modes is the Meridian 861.  You can pick up a used one and they are still up-gradable and supported to this day.  The possible downside is that the 861 unit can be as old as 20 years (or it could be 5-8 years, depending). 

If you're just looking for another new general replacement, try an Anthem AVM60 if you want room correction.  Or something else depending on what features you want for audio (i.e. automatic room correction, parametric eq, high end audio stages, high end discrete audio stages, etc.).  Your budget also has influence.

Most all processors will have a DTS:Neo Music surround mode.  I'm not sure if this is going to fit your needs or if it is going to be as good as Logic7 and/or Meridian music surround modes.
While you are researching the Meridian options, have a look at reviews of their Trifield music processing mode for 3 channels (L, C, R).