Suggestions for reasonably priced speakers for MBP

All -

I'm stationed in Afghanistan and have limited space - obviously my home system isn't with me.

I'd be grateful for recommendations for some reasonably priced, reasonable sounding powered speakers. Source is a 15" MBP. Price range - anything up to around $300-400.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this has been hashed over to death - I'm somewhat time-limited and was not able to do a detailed search.
What is an MBP?
First, thank you for your service. Second, Audioengine or one of the musician's monitors such as M-Audio B series. Take care out there.
Kal - MBP = MacBook Pro

Second the recommendation for Audioengine
Check out Audioengine. Might be the perfect fit for you. Small powered bookshelf speakers. $399 for the 5+ model, $199 for the smaller 2 model. Only downside out of the box is the headphone jack input, which you'd have to run from the headphone jack of you MBP. For $169 you can get their D1 USB DAC and run USB to RCAs, bypassing the arguably crappy headphone amplifer in the MBP.
Another Audioengine recommendation. Great little speakers for your use.
Stay safe over there.
Again.... Audioengine speakers will work out well.
Thanks so much for your service in Afghanistan. Please take care of yourself.
Another vote for the Audioengine A2's, they really are that good, and they are packed well enough to survive the trip unscathed.
I have Swan desktop monitors running off my MBP, and I like them fine. Based on testimonials like those above, I recommended the Audioengine A2s to a friend, and he loves them.

Stay safe,