Suggestions for re-finishing Klipsch Kg4?

I have a pair of Kg4's and love everything about them except the black finish. Has anyone ever stripped and refinished a pair of speakers like this? I'd like to get down to the natural wood and just oil it occasionally. Are there any risks to using strong solvents--fumes and foam? Any good way of getting rid of the original finish without solvents?

Thanks for your expert advice,

I still have my Fortes from '91 that were originally had the black finish on them and I did remove it, and if I remember correctly, I believe that I used something from Formby's. Used a foam brush to apply it and basically followed the instructions as to how long to leave it on there.

If I recall, there wasnt a bad smell from it, but it can get quite messy, so if you plan on doing this inside, lay down some newspaper or card board boxes to protect the flooring.
use a citrus/water based paint stripper
Thank you for the suggestions. I like the idea of using a citrus based stripper and will give it a try.