Suggestions for "balanced" interconnects?

I am looking for balanced cables. I have an Anthem AVM 30 and A5. I need some good suggestions for balanced interconnects. Obviously, would like to purchase good quality for a good price. Do not want to spend $1000 per cable, I am not in that market. Something of good value and quality at a moderate price. The products I know a little about are Kimber, Audioquest, and Acoustic Zen. I know there are plenty of good cables and companies out there, I am just looking for some helpful suggestions to steer me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

High value for the price you can try Mogami 2534 balanced.
BLue jean cable sells inexpensive ic's that they will terminate to your desired length. They work fine and are well made.
Foster_9's Mogami suggestion is excellent.

Also, Gregg Straley's Reality Cable XLR interconnects are excellent, and they cost $275 for a 3 foot pair. I compared the Reality Cable interconnects to $1400 Purist Audio interconnects, and the differences were very, very subtle.
I haven't heard anything much better than the inexpensive Morrow Audio ICs sold here on Audiogon, and I think you get a 60-day trial period so it's hard to lose. Dave
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Thank you all for the suggestions. I will start researching them now. Thanks.

Audio Metallurgy GA-0's very good! and very affordable.
see them on the auction.
I have a set of the Mogami, as well as Oyaide PA-02, Chimera Labs Advantage Audio and Supra Sword. All are very good and with the exception of the Supra Sword all are reasonably priced.
I bought Mogami's at Guitar Center. 'Gold' series
I had been using Signal Cable Silver Resolution with RCA's and really liked the quality. I just got in some custom bi-amped Silver Resolution Balanced with the Neutrik connectors. They are just breaking in but still sound great. Frank builds a really good cable for the price.
Both of my systems are wired completely with Harmonic Technology ICs (both single ended and balanced versions) because 1) they simply sound superb, 2) they are excellent value for the money and 3) they are single crystal copper, which from a pure electrical design perspective makes good sense. Plus they look and handle great too. Sound, value, form and function. Give Jim Wang at HT a call, he's a great guy to work with! I am not affiliated with HT but I am an enthusiastic and satisfied owner of their products.
The Pure Note Vanguard silver cables are a good value for the money. Great build quality and sonic fidelity.
I had never heard of the Mogami cables. Looks like they are worth an audition.
I have the AVM 30 and use DH Labs BL-1 unbalanced on all seven channles to the ATI 1807 amp. And I use DHLabs BL-1 balanced with the AVM's balanced inputs for my PS Audio GCPH phono amp. The analog part of my system, Project RM5 with the Benz Micro Ace med cart is an outstanding combo in my room. Worth a listen.
I have the Oyaide Balanced cables in my system that are connecting my Weiss DAC to a transport. These are very affordable and are excellent performers. In my opinion, no need to waste great amounts of extra dollars.

Campbell H
I use Oyaide balanced from an AVM 30 to Wyred 4 Sound Ice Cube MC 7 channel amp with good sound and cool runnings.
Within $1k you can get Acoustic Zen Absolute (I use 0.5m XLR) - hard to beat according to reviews.