suggestions for pre amp for Quikie v4 monos

Looking for preamp for Quicksilver v4 monos going into Vandersteen 5A's. Thinking about Aesthetix Calypso. 50/50 vinyl(linn Sondek) and digital(tbd) Any thoughts would be appreciated
I had Calypso, V-4's, 3A Sigs and a pair of 2Wq's and before I say anything it would be good to know what your willing to spend.
Quicksilver Full Function Pre. I'm using one with a pair of Silver Sixties and I find them to be a very nice match. You can buy new for less than $4000.
I don't really know the amps, but I haven't heard glowing descriptions about the Quicksilver full function. I think the CAT Ultimate II is a great preamp in your price range, as is the Modwright 36.5 and the Hovland and the Lamm. I've had all in my system. So many choices in your price range. Let us know what you end up with.
TRL Dude tube preamp will be the link to the very best sound your system is capable of. $3800 new and amazing. Read the user reviews here on Agon.

The warm
1.Ear 868 this will keep the warmth of the V-4's with detail and it's current production. You will also be ready for an amp upgrade tube or SS if/when you want. If can't find used you can buy new. This is my #1 choice for both groups
2.C/J Premier 16 LS MK11 ( These go fast if your interested pull trigger fast!) Warm but not as extended or dynamic as newer C/J

The detailed / cooler
1. C/J CT-5 the "newer" C/J sound not as warm as the Premier 16 but has more extension, dynamics and inner detail.
2. Calypso the least amount of warmth in the bunch good for the price.

With the pre's in the "warm" group you can run the tubes in the V-4's at a higher bias effectively speeding up V-4's(it does "thin" the sound some)
I used Genelex Gold Lion KT-88 reissues, can bias 40-55 in the V-4's. If you bias low the sound is rich but slow I liked about 47-50.

The first three choices are pre's you can upgrade around, If you would like to discus further e-mail me.

I assume your V-4's are the single ended version. If so,
the Shindo Monbrison may be worth consideration. Of Course you would be looking used, to stay at your budgeted 5K. My guess is out of the two excellent (the warm) suggestions by Samhar, you won't get hurt w/ the CJ 16LS. I had the Mk. 1, and it is a great preamp. It would be my personal preference to stay warm with the 5A's. Are you looking for a Full-feature preamp, or a separate line/phono stage.
I assume full feature. Is there an advantage to separates? THANKS FOR THE RESPONSES!
Yes! Your TT taste and equipment may change so a separate phono section provides flexibility without having to sell preamp. Because you asked about the Calypso (LS) I assumed you had a phono stage. You can find used Ear 834P's for $800-1100 this is an excellent phono at the price and later to upgrade if you want move up to an Ear 88PB ( I'm looking at this model).
My advice is to go with the Aesthetix Calypso run balanced all through and flip your V4s into true balanced and Get a pair of XLR Vandersteen 5 High pass and set them at 200K with the Quicksilver amps. Samar mentioned in an e mail to me when he owned the pairing he was running v4s and Calypso ((RCA)) which is going through 2 phase inverters which is just ho hum ok. Driving the system XLR true balanced gets rid of one extra Phase inverter and makes for way better performance and puts the V4s Calypso and system in another league.
Cheers Johnnyr

Or you can buy a S/E preamp and not have the problems.
Thanks everyone for your responses. It was a tough call between the Shindo Monbrison and the Ear 868. The ear 868 won! Again thanks to all.