Suggestions for phono cable

I run Cardas Clear Light from my Parasound JC3+ to my BAT preamp. I run VPI phono cable from my VPI Scout to the Parasound phono pre.

I'm considering a new phono cable. I own Purist speaker cable and I've heard good things about their phono cables, but I've also considered a Cardas Clear light phono cable.

Whatever I end up with id like it to be neutral and definitely not contribute to any brightness in the system. I have Thiel speakers.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I use the Nordost Frey 2 and also own the VPI. The latest Norse 2 series cables, unlike previous versions, are well balanced and neutral. They lean a little bit warm if anything. I find the VPI's to be muddy, smeared and lacking in both high and low extension by comparison. Not really a fair comparison at the price though.
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I have a Scout. You don't need to use a special phono cable, regular IC's work fine. I have a bunch of cables, but the ones I like the best are AQ Cheetah's. The DBS system is good for TT's because its takes less time for the cables to break in, and they stay broken in for longer periods of time if left unused.
Agree with Syntax...I spent a lot of time, testing about 10 highly regarded cables (no experience with PAD though) for my silver wired Morch tonearm (to a Parasound JC3) and ended up liking AQ Leopard the best...
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That's an actual tonearm cable. The Scout has regular rca outputs on it so you can use regular IC's. If you look at the Cheetah I mentioned in my first post, its looks pretty much to be the same cable, except for how its terminated. Either way, its a great cable. I have some Golden Reference laying around, along with some Wireworld, Tara and Kimber Select. Cable company also sent me some PAD, Synergistec and Harmonic to try, as well, but the AQ was the best one.
The Cable Company sent me a pair of Synergistic Research Tricon Analogue phono RCA's from their library to feed my TNT into an Audion Quattro. I immediately ordered my own pair. After half a day hooked to my cooker, the new ones sounded better than the demos, which were an earlier generation.
It's just my opinion, as I've never heard them in a VPI rig; but I've always suspected Audience phono cabling would have good synergy also.
BTW, being able to ground made a big difference in my system. I would use only dedicated phono RCA's; but that's just me.
What's nice about The Cable Co is that you keep the demos until you get the new ones. They also didn't charge me full retail.
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