Suggestions for non-audiophile

I am not an audiophile at all (I have a tin ear) but enjoy the classic blues/jazz/big band recordings. I was recently given an extensive record collection of old Victor/Capital/Decca/Etc. records by the greats. I have a pretty good sound system but no turntable. What would you audiophiles suggest I do to maximize my enjoyment of these records without breaking the bank. I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks
First you have to list the rest of your system. Then your budget.
Call up Kevin at KAB Electro-Acoustics and talk to him. He will find something that is sonically suitable, easy to use and well within your budget.

As a side note, take a look through the records that you have and make note of what speeds they are, mono or stereo, etc... You'll need a table that will accomodate various speeds with ease of selection and some discs may work better with different phono cartridges. That is, if some of the discs that you want to listen to are very old / out of the ordinary pressings. Kevin will go the extra mile to get you exactly what you need and do so without breaking the bank. Sean
Assuming you don't have any 78s in there, the cheap and easy route is a Technics SL-BD22. (I believe KAB modifies this table to handle 78s, if you need that.) The Technics takes a P-mount cartridge. Grado makes them, starting around $40, so the whole package should run you a little over $200.

This will play decently, and it's about as low-maintenance as a vinyl rig can be. The table is semi-automatic, and the P-mount cartridge just plugs in--no little pins or fussy adjustments. Perfect for the professed non-audiophile.

Of course, better is available for a price.