Suggestions for next upgrade...

I have had my VR2s for several months now and am pretty satisfied with them. There are 2 areas where I would like to improve the sound and was hoping that Audiogoners could make me some suggestions.

My assotiated equipments:

>Speakers: Von Schweikert VR2s with added lead shot
>CD player: Arcam CD72
>Turntable: old Sony w/ Grado cartridge for use w/ my old records untill I can convert them to CDs
>Preamp: Classe CP50 (have also tried a Sonic Frontiers Line 1)
>Power Amp: Odyssey Stratos w/ cap upgrade (have also tried a McIntosh ??)
>Speaker wire: large guage Monster cable (not bi-wiring yet)
>Interconnects: Have tried several but notice no difference between them, Monster, Nordost Black Knight, Transparent The Link 200.

There is 2 areas where I would like improvements. The bass goes pretty low but lacks "punch". I would also like a warmer midrange.
Where would you suggest that I make changes to improve in these areas (I do not want a tube power amp and will only get a tube preamp if I can get the sound I want with new tubes that are readily avaliable.).
I auditioned the VR2's in home & found them to have plenty of bass, so your problem is probably elsewhere. I very briefly had some Odyssey mono-blocks but they didn't work out but would think the Stratos could power the VR2's to provide good bass output, using my experience w/the Stratos as a reference in the bass dept.

I also owned the Classe CP50 but it was too sterile for my tastes, plus I wouldn't say it had a warm midrange.

The easy part is you can move the spkrs. around & do some inexpensive room treatments. Do a little digging in the archives here & on AA for more in depth info.

I wouldn't do anything with the gear until you optimize the room then sell the Classe in favor of something else. Plenty of tube preamps available for the same price as the Classe.

You can also get another Odyssey & have yours made into a mono block if you need the extra power.
I would upgrade the speaker cables, then try ICs again and see if you notice more difference this time. Something seems fishy if you don't notice a difference between Monster and Nordost.
Go with a 100W McIntosh for the power amp and you'll get a lot of punch for sure.
I would try an isolation paltform from Silent Running Audio under the Odyssey. You didnt' mention price but you can get the tremor/less for $300 or less or the VR 3.0 for around $500. The bass and midrange should both benefit. I started with the Tremor/less, then the VR 3.0 and liked each improvement so much I'm up to an Ohio class under my amp which is being made now. No matter what else you upgrade the microphonic noise floor will be there masking the sound until you address it with effective vibration isolation.