Suggestions for new AV Pre-Pro

I'm interested in purchasing a new AV pre-pro to replace my aging Outlaw 990. My speakers consist of the Focal 1027be, 1007be and cc1000be. My Simaudio I-7 is used for both 2 channel and also drives the front channels in 5.1. I have an Outlaw 7500 driving the center channel and rear speakers. I plan to use 5.1 analog outputs from the Oppo 95 into the processor and the hdmi directly into the tv so I'm not concerned about video processing. I also have the SB Touch with the W4S Dac 1 for 2 channel into the Sim, but I would also like to run a digital cable from the Touch into the AV processor for 5.1 sound. The processor should be comparable with the rest of the system.
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That's cool. I understand what you want. Like I said, the reviewes I read of the Cary were very positive. Besides being scared off by the bugs, there is not a dealer near me who carried the brand. So I took a chance on the Integra. I have been very satisfied and my system has never sounded better. I know your Sim kicks butt because I have heard them before. For me though, I am also into records now and the Integra does not even come into play for that. I have an Amadeus GTA table with a Dynavector preamp. It sounds simply fantastic. Good luck with your system :).
I was researching other pre-pros and I came across the Classe SSP-600. The reviews were excellent and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this model.
Man, if you can get that I would pounce right away. I heard one a few years and thought it was fantasic. But at the time the price was too high. Fantastic for HT and 2ch. The only thing is it does not have all the latest connections and it won't decode the high def audio formats. At least that's what I remember. Since you will be using the analog outs it might be a great fit for you. It will be a great pre for you if you can make it work in your system, IE have the player do the decoding and if you don't need HDMI. I was going to recomend that to be honest but I was not sure it would fit your price range. It will be hard to beat that IMO.
Mike, I'm leaning towards the Classe and probably make a decision shortly. As I mentioned, I plan to use the Classe dacs for the SB Touch so I just listed the W4S DAC 1 for sale and I'll use the funds towards the pre-pro. I also plan to sell the Outlaw 990 once I receive the Classe.

I plan to compare the analog outs from the Oppo with the Classe internal dacs for both 2 channel and 5.1. I'll let you know the results.

When I was looking for a pre/pro to replace the Proceed PAV/PDSD our local dealer suggested the SP800 as having the sound quality I was looking for, but I didn't need nor want video processing. I think it has an MSRP around $8K, but then so would the Cary if you bought the Cinema 11a & 11v.