Suggestions for new AV Pre-Pro

I'm interested in purchasing a new AV pre-pro to replace my aging Outlaw 990. My speakers consist of the Focal 1027be, 1007be and cc1000be. My Simaudio I-7 is used for both 2 channel and also drives the front channels in 5.1. I have an Outlaw 7500 driving the center channel and rear speakers. I plan to use 5.1 analog outputs from the Oppo 95 into the processor and the hdmi directly into the tv so I'm not concerned about video processing. I also have the SB Touch with the W4S Dac 1 for 2 channel into the Sim, but I would also like to run a digital cable from the Touch into the AV processor for 5.1 sound. The processor should be comparable with the rest of the system.
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Sparks81,I appreciate your reply. I was also told by a dealer that going with a Marantz is a step backward. I'm wondering if I buy a pre-pro like the Cary, would it pay to replace both the Sim I-7 and the Outlaw amp with a 5 channel Cary amp or similar?
With the virtual disappearance of brick-and-mortar stores, it has become impossible (it used to be only difficult) for a prospective purchaser to compare products side-by-side. The remaining stores carry fewer lines, too.

So, the prospective purchaser relies on the comments of others, most of whom have also been denied the opportunity of a fair side-by-side comparison (and that includes the dealers).

Ronrags, That's exactly what I'd consider! By considering another amp by Cary, Bryston, Ayre, BAT and some others, not only are u raising the bar with regard to performance, u are creating a closer degree of synergy...especially with the Cary 5-channel amp. As a result, u will experience more refinement and detail from ur music and movies sountracks. The experience will bring u a little closer to the music and help suspend ur disbelief when watching movies...that's what it's all about, isn't it? And last, by upgrading ur amp to a Cary or another brand, u are simplifying ur set-up and removing the weakest link from the equation. It will also be like hearing all of ur music and movies for the first time...again!
Sparks, I plan on doing further research on the Cary plus these other brands you mentioned. Unfortunately as Kr4 stated, it's nearly impossible to perform an A/B comparison these days. The best advise is usually from forums like this. If these pre-pros sound that good in 2 channel, I'll probably sell the Wyred 4 Sound DAC 1 I just purchased 2 months ago.
"The best advise is usually from forums like this."

Perhaps but how can one distinguish it from the rest?