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I'm interested in purchasing a new AV pre-pro to replace my aging Outlaw 990. My speakers consist of the Focal 1027be, 1007be and cc1000be. My Simaudio I-7 is used for both 2 channel and also drives the front channels in 5.1. I have an Outlaw 7500 driving the center channel and rear speakers. I plan to use 5.1 analog outputs from the Oppo 95 into the processor and the hdmi directly into the tv so I'm not concerned about video processing. I also have the SB Touch with the W4S Dac 1 for 2 channel into the Sim, but I would also like to run a digital cable from the Touch into the AV processor for 5.1 sound. The processor should be comparable with the rest of the system.
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Ronrags,Given ur existing equipment, I recommend a Cary Cinema 11a Pre/Pro (outgoing) or the new Cinema 12 if budget allows. The Cary will be more in line performance wise with ur speakers. Also, the Cary will take ur system to the next level and beyond. They are known for 2 channel audio...and now hometheater. You get the best (almost) of both worlds. Otherwise, I would recommend the Pre/Pro from Marantz. Solid home theater and 2 channel. Good luck!
Ronrags, I used to work for a Marantz dealer. I've heard all they have to offer. I, personally, use a Thetadigital Casablanca III with BAT VK-6200 (Balanced Audio amp) and Dynaudio speakers. I've heard what Cary can do. Believe me, if u are concerned with sound quality for both 2-channel and HT, the Cary will outperform Marantz anyday of the week. You don't need the gimmicks of the mass produced AVR's. They (Mass produced AVR's/Pre/Pro's)have their place in the market...and yes some do sound OK. However, given ur level of equipment that u already own, purchasing a Maranzt would be a step backwards. Also, Dbphd noteed that you still have audio perameter adjustment choices with the Cary 11a...if u really want utilize this adjustment. Sometimes, one can remove that "organic" sound quality from the system by using the EQ. This is what differentiates hi-end sound from Mid-fi. Make no mistake, I'm not saying EQ is a bad thing. U are waaay beyond a Maranzt Rcvr/Pre/Pro.
Ronrags, That's exactly what I'd consider! By considering another amp by Cary, Bryston, Ayre, BAT and some others, not only are u raising the bar with regard to performance, u are creating a closer degree of synergy...especially with the Cary 5-channel amp. As a result, u will experience more refinement and detail from ur music and movies sountracks. The experience will bring u a little closer to the music and help suspend ur disbelief when watching movies...that's what it's all about, isn't it? And last, by upgrading ur amp to a Cary or another brand, u are simplifying ur set-up and removing the weakest link from the equation. It will also be like hearing all of ur music and movies for the first time...again!
Ronrags, If sound quality is of prime concern, you may want to consider the larger amp because it will undoubtedly have more current to drive ur speakers. This translates to greater control of the drivers which in turn means greater authority and inner detail of sound...especially at lower volumes. The sound coming from the speakers driven by 200wpc will sound more effortless than with 100wpc. (Given the same brand of amps, which in this case is Classe) Consider the efficiency and load of ur speakers. i.e.,...87db/4ohm, etc. This in part should be ur guide as to which amp you choose. It's not so much about how loud ur speakers will go, but more of how effortless the information coming from ur speakers will sound at either low and/or high volumes. There's nothing worse than underpowering ur system. The higher current will allow u to hear the full potential of ur system upstream as well as ur speakers.