Suggestions for my next upgrade

I would love to get some suggestions for my next upgrade.  I have between $2000-3000 for my next upgrade.  I listen to 90% vinyl and 10% digital music.  Most of my listening is folk, acoustic guitar, and classic rock, but I do range into some jazz and blues. 

My current set up is:
Cary Audio SL-100 preamp
NAD C-272 amp
Pro-Ject RPM 1 with Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge
Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 phono amp
NAD D 1050 DAC
Paradigm Monitor 11 speakers

The following is what I have been considering - although subject to change based upon items selling before my decision.
I am thinking to upgrade the speakers or the amp

The speakers that I am considering are:
Paradigm Prestige 85F - which are really pushing the budget
Contract Audio Black Moon - which I don't really know much about
KEF R900
B&W CM10 S2  - not a real fan of the appearance 

The Amps are:
PS Audio Stellar M700 pair - class D 350 watt
Quad Classic Monoblock - tube amp 15 watt
The amps couldn't be more different except that they are both mono block pairs.

Again, any thoughts would really be appreciated.
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Get the speakers you like then select the amp. The Quad amps will not be a good match for most of the speakers you have listed. If you don't like the way the speakers look buy something else, same for the sound.

Go to a show, maybe RMAF in the Fall in Denver.
I agree with jperry. However I am a low power tube fan. 15wpc may not be enough but that depends on your room. But the only speakers that will work with the Quads are the Paradigm (93db). If you want a good tube amp which is a good all around performer, I might suggest the Bob Latino ST-70. But by doing so I am probably opening the thread for everyone’s favorite amp who posts in this thread
Thanks - I was leaning towards the speakers first - and yes, also agree that the Quads don't really seem like a fit.  As far as going to Denver - that would kill my whole budget just going to the show :-)  I am still doing the audiofile thing on a bit of a smaller budget - at least until I get my daughter through college.
If that really is your whole system then you have a lot to do before even thinking about changing any of those components:
power cords
speaker cables
power conditioner

Since you are 90% vinyl the best way to understand what I'm talking about, get some Synergistic Research PHT and ECT. My preference is Black Widow and Green Dream
Try these and then when you see how much improvement you can get for hardly any money you can move on to a set of ECT, then HFT. Throw in a couple Blue Quantum Fuses and your system will be transformed from flat to holographic a lot more and for a lot less than any of the components you're currently considering.
Hi Jay! I'm looking to upgrade to a proper preamp for a Bel Canto REF500s amp. The SL100 looks interesting. How do you like it? I've heard good things about Cary Audio. Thanks! 
jaysuzi ...

I'm with millercarbon on this one. My suggestion would be to save up some more money and buy PPT's "The Gate." You may not want to upgrade your equipment after that.

I am happy to drive Lansch 4.1 (99db/W spec, real eff is 95db/W still very high) with either 8W 300B SET amplifier or 48W Line Magnetic 508 SET tube amplifier.

I also have this speaker as backup. That works well with tube amplifier.

If you are interested in the Vaugn Cabernett, please PM me.

I can let you audition it for 10 days to find out synergy with your current setup.

My thoughts are a change from 2m blue to 2m black should immediately improve the analog experience. 
Room acoustical treatment, assuming (and it’s a reasonable assumption) it's needed.
Thank you everyone for the feedback.  
Change the 2 x 12AX7 tubes in your phono amp for a pair of older (NOS?) Telefunkens. You will be amazed.
Thank you, that actually does make a lot of sense.  Between that and a new cartridge I can see that making a big change.