Suggestions for Modifying/Upgrading my system

I recently acquired a McCormack DNA 0.5 with the gold upgrade. I would like suggestions for components 
that would work well with this amp.

Currently Klipsch forte III, McCormack RLD-1 preamp, Marantz CC 65 CD player, Philips 677 turntable with Empire LTD 750 GT and a Wal-Mart tablet for spotify.  I listen mostly to blues, folk and jazz.


I owned the McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe at one point.  Ran them with a pair of Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference monitors.  The combination was superb.  
My first impulse was to say your amp outclasses your speakers, especially with the music you tend to listen to, but if those speakers really do it for you then screw what I think.  I had the RLD (and have a DNA-0.5 RevA) in my system for a bit and it's not the most transparent pre in stock form.  If you're married to your speakers I'd look at an SMcAudio upgrade on your RLD or maybe a better preamp.

Maybe if you can expound a bit on what you like about your system and what you'd like to improve upon we can give you better and more specific recommendations here. 
I'd build around your McCormack / Klipsch because in my opinion the advancements LP playback have by far exceeded those of your current back end. 

Any used Well Tempered turntable would offer great stability economically and the best Benz Micro cartridge your budget would allow because of their balanced presentation and their attractive upgrade program.

If your media is mainly digital I'm ignorant and still unimpressed so I wouldn't spend a dime on it, but that's me.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for all the input much appreciated.

I'm not really married to the Klipsch. I still have about 40 days before I can't send them back. It's just difficult these days auditioning good speakers. I choose the Klipsch because a friend brought over some 1980's vintage Heresy's and they sounded so much better than my homemade speakers.

I would try to visit as many dealers as I could and audition speakers.
Like, m-db said, I think you could do better speaker wise.
I own a pair of DNA-1 monoblocks-just upgraded by SMcAudio, as well as a RLD-1. They worked very well with Vandersteen speakers.
Though I disagree with m-db, regarding digital streaming. Using 
Spotify has made me give up my CD collection. (I grew up with turntables and vinyl and can't see why I should go back). I would suggest getting a Bluesound Node. The internal dac is pretty good, and you can always upgrade later- much better than the tablet you currently use.

Thanks Bob . Wish I could get around to audition more speakers.

Thanks to you and everyone for thinking on this for me.

The quest goes on.

The Klipsch Forte III speakers are truly a new, good sounding speaker. Different than what one stereotypically thinks of Klipsch or a horn speaker.
I'm not saying there aren't speakers out there that will sound better but there is a heck of a lot of bang for the buck going on.
lak thanks for the Forte support. I wish I could figure out how to have two or three sets of speakers in my living room all at once.