Suggestions for making SILVER work in system?

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions in regards to silver inteconnects, and related for my system?...or any system?
Here's the deal...I just tried switching out the interconnects( to silver) from between my source components and my preamp(s), and I noticed and instant whopping increase in resolution and clarity!!!...WOW! anyway, the only problem is that the system now seems untaimably zippy and bright on the top (a little to much for comfort/listenablitly). I'm really trying to figure out how I can keep using these "higher rez" silver cables (Harmonic Pro Silway II) in my current system, while keeping the balance up top under control (just not listenable for long this way).
My pressent system is Sonus Faber Electa Amators, Threshold T-200 solid state amp, Pass L preamp (and Audible Illusions tube preamp, which i switch out), Harmonic Tech copper speaker wires/interconnects, and various source components.
Should I try different components? Thanks for any input
HI Zexxtool

I use Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II also. It is quite revealing but warm - not edgy. It does take over 300 hours to burn in sufficiently. Cardas Golden Reference is a good cable to tame shrill top ends, I use that between pre and power amp. I used Silver Audio Hyacinth, and had to return it as it was too bleached sounding, very revealing, but a headache on the high end.

Not sure if your Preamp is the culprit here. What are you using for a front end? I recently went to a an EVS Millenium II and the high freq digital Chash has been nicely removed without any lack in resolution.
IMHO..silver is best mated with tubed gear.
In addition to suggestions in the other post, If you are looking for component changes, I would look at auditioning amps by BAT or Audio Research, and for front end I would look for a balanced Theta Miles. My friend has a Miles, AI M3A, and ARC VT-100 and it is a very pleasurable system.
Zex you've just encountered & described both the good & bad charactaristics of silver cables. If you like your components then by all means keep them; I wouldn't advise tuning a rig around those cables or any cables - it should actually be done vice-versa. I am aware of hybrid silver coated copper interconnects which might work better for you; don't remember who makes them but maybe someone else does? Use the forum search engine to locate other interconnect commentary (the is *a lot* in the archives) it's there somewhere because I read that here awhile back.

Also you might try tuning your source / pre / P.A. with various upgrade AC cords. It's possible that you might find a better matchup via that approach & keep those ProSil's.

Also see:
DH Labs makes silver coated copper in both ICs (Air Matrix & BL-1) and speaker cable (T-14 Silver Sonic and Q-10).
Bob you mentioned powercord changes possibly helping my situation with brightness and Silver cables? How would that help? Also, what brands do you recommend in the power cords? I have a PS audio P300 that doesn't recommend powercords with filters though! I haven't tried better power cords yet, so don't know what it will do. You think it will help??
Greetings Zex
To educate yourself regarding the how's & why's of upgrade AC cords, you really need to search the forum archives for the multitudes of posts regarding the subject.
Use the search engine on the forum page:
There are dozens of posts already up there, discussing & arguing how AC cords affect your sound & which cords are most preferred.
I don't have the all the electrical explanations (no one does) but believe me from experience with my own rig that changing the AC cord on a component can radically alter its' sonic characteristics, for better or even for worse sometimes.
You have to experiment with different cords to find out what you prefer & how it tailors the sound to your personal preferences.
You do not always use the same cord on all components either; a cord the works nicely on the preamp may very likely not be best for your sources or amps, although it *could* be.
Power cord preferences vary all over the map; there are dozens of them available & it's hard to decide which ones to try.
One thing that all the upgrade cords seem to do is considerably quiet down the background noise; a "blacker background" is an almost universally reported experience.
That factor alone can help to tame brightness considerably, even with a power conditioner in front of everything.

You are correct that filtered cords are best plugged straight into the AC line.
The filtered cords that I have from Custom Power (the Top Gun for source components & the Top Gun HCFI for power amp) works better straight-in than when going through my Chang Lightspeed line conditioner. Same for BMI Eel's or Whales.
However my cords from Synergistic Research are not self-filtered & so those are best through the line conditioner.
I have a Synergistic Reference AC, & 3 Designer Reference Squared AC's, which are fantastic but very pricey.
Also my Kimber PK6 & my Kharma KRC Reference 1a (a silver AC cord) work better through a line conditioner.

One good place to start is Bob Cohen at Cable Company (
Cable Company has loaners available (AC cords, interconnects, speaker cables, even digital interface cables) for a nominal fee which is then applicable to any future purchase.
They can provide some useful suggestions regarding different cords to try within the context of your equipment (tell them what your components are & they can tell you what cords their customers liked with those components).
They recommend that you begin by first tuning the cord on your preamp, then the power amp, finally the sources.

Once you're well into that, the next thing is to look into shelving, pucks, cones, pods, etc. for further component tuning.
Again this can become frustratingly involving, but the rewards are worthwhile.
Bear in mind with all of this that experiences differ from one rig to another; what worked well for one system may not be the best answer in another system.
Again: experimentation is the only way to know what will happen at your house & what you will like the best.
silver is just that w/o proper breakin. but after its broken in, its the best!

BUT, silver ICs will never break in w/ a 2v output from your component.

try to find someone w/ a MOBIE that you can use / rent for 5days. major difference will result, and all of it good.

trust my experience on this. silver will always annoy unless MOBIE'd.


Remember, the Pro Silway is a hybrid cable silver and cooper. I have Pro Silway II balance interconnect and Pro-9 speaker cable. Both required 300 hrs of burn in. If this does not work try the Truth-Link.
Zexxtool - how ya doin. I'm brand new to silver, i've got 2 runs of silver streak, 1 broken in and 1 with about 40 hrs on it and it is amazing. i did switch from mit which could be characterized as opposite. My system is on the warm side - meridian frontend, cj preamp, and classe amp driving thiel 3.6's using kimber 8tc. i'm waiting on a KCAG for the pre to amp connection then i can return my bro's ss. my limited experience suggests the system needs warmth, probably tubes somewhere and maybe laid back amp - but maybe not. it appears to me that kimber ss is really neutral because my system picked up so much resolution and air, not analytical but is still warm! even driving thiels which are very revealing! so there you have it limited experience but so far incredible. umpteen years in this hobby and nothing has changed - it's all about synergy especially with calbling.