Suggestions for low powered tube amps for Zu Omens

I have decided to take the plunge in some type of low powered tube amplifier for my Zu Omen for late night listening. Declare, Oddwatt, Bottlehead, Elekit, are some of names I have researched. I would be appreciative of any guidance/ suggestions you might have. I have no issues with a kit if it keeps the cost down.. actually that even sounds kinda of fun. I also like the idea of buying or building a low powered amp that can be converted to Mono, if I like the sound.
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I am in the same boat.  My DWs are being shipped and I have been scouring message boards to find a suitable amplifier.  I really wanted to try a SET amp.  Sean suggested an Audion amplifier that was far more than I wanted to spend.  I have narrowed my search down to a Coincident Dynamo and Decware Zen 25th Anniversary.  My main concern is if 8 or even more so, 2 watts, will be enough power to run the Zus.  I was assured by both manufacturers that both amps are a fantastic matchup.  I am still worried about having enough headroom though.  I also considered the "Rachel", but since I will finally have some efficient speakers, I very much want to try a SET amp.  Please share your decisions and findings with us!