Suggestions for low powered tube amps for Zu Omens

I have decided to take the plunge in some type of low powered tube amplifier for my Zu Omen for late night listening. Declare, Oddwatt, Bottlehead, Elekit, are some of names I have researched. I would be appreciative of any guidance/ suggestions you might have. I have no issues with a kit if it keeps the cost down.. actually that even sounds kinda of fun. I also like the idea of buying or building a low powered amp that can be converted to Mono, if I like the sound.
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I use a Decware integrated with excellent results. 
Atma Sphere S-30's. I think he offers a kit.

I bought a real nice SET 45 from Will Vincent (autospec). Only 1.75 wpc - but can easily drive the Omens! Contact him -he can build you one, too!
Roberjerman does Will Vincent have a website or phone #?
It’s going to take a little more digging to find out how much a kit costs.. but watching the video on the Atma Sphere’s website is cool. Thanks
Do you have a budget in mind? Even a lower powered amp can stack up pretty quickly. 
I was trying to keep it under 1500.00. The Decware SE 34I.5 seems somewhat compelling. 6 watts and if you like the sound you can convert to 2-12 watt monos.
I am in the same boat.  My DWs are being shipped and I have been scouring message boards to find a suitable amplifier.  I really wanted to try a SET amp.  Sean suggested an Audion amplifier that was far more than I wanted to spend.  I have narrowed my search down to a Coincident Dynamo and Decware Zen 25th Anniversary.  My main concern is if 8 or even more so, 2 watts, will be enough power to run the Zus.  I was assured by both manufacturers that both amps are a fantastic matchup.  I am still worried about having enough headroom though.  I also considered the "Rachel", but since I will finally have some efficient speakers, I very much want to try a SET amp.  Please share your decisions and findings with us!
Quicksilver Mid Monos. Give you a little headroom.
Coach, I have been through the flea watt amp race for my Lascalas. As I understand it, you want this, for late night listening. As far as I am concerned, a good headphone system would be my way to go about it, as I am not willing to give up dynamics, and the lifelike " scale ", much of music listening entails. I understand many recommendations here, and respect them. It really depends on what you are looking for. As easy as your speakers are to drive, I would suggest to you to try something, with a return policy, even if you need to pay return shipping. Ultimately, none of these small tube amps do it for me ( have heard a few, not all ), but the same thing. Slow, sluggish, ill defined bass, and simply, not enough headroom, nor control, to satisfy me. Again, YMMV, but try it first, instead of making a commitment, that is all. Keep in mind, I am not speaking of only chamber music, or spls here. I also want to say, I like tubes as voltage sources, but prefer ss as current sources, which, ime, are loudspeakers. Again, my own experiences, my own opinions, and all of this is based on what " I " like ", with Lascalas, the perfect tube amp speaker. I understand I might get backlash from some posters, but, you are asking for opinions, so, these are mine. Individuality ! Enjoy ! MrD.
My Audio Research LS3 and the STA 200 really sound good together and I have you to thank for that selection.(STA -200) The only issue is gain, but there is a resistor/capacitor fix offered by Audio Research. However the 18 db of gain and 2v output might be more appropriate for a low powered amp. Another reason I'm considering a Bottlehead or Elekit or others is the ability to do double duty as a headphone amp; plus I think a kit might be a lot of fun. I believe Herb Reickert reviewed the Elekit TU8600 for Stereophile and thought highly of it. Bottlehead has the S.E.X. amplifier that might scratch the itch of kit and late night speaker experimentation.
Again thanks to everyone who responds!
The Bakoon 7511Mk3 is a wonderful sounding thing and great with high efficiency speakers.The Elekit amps are also very good but the Bakoons are really special.Only 15 watts but they have a purity to them that I have only heard from really good SET amps.
Decware. several used mini toriis for sale on the decware site. 4 watts is plenty
Coincident Dynamo 34 SE,8 wpc,high current very comfortable driving lower efficiency speakers.Average re sale on an MKII about $1,000 or less.Stellar reviews.