Suggestions for laptop USB 2.0 adaptor?

I own a Windows XP home laptop computer with USB 1.1 ports.

Who makes a high quality and reasonably priced laptop USB 2.0 adaptor (my CD-RW drive manual says it must be EHCI compliant)?

Thanks in advance!
Most of these will work fine with USB 1.1, but do not try to write at maximum speeds. If you limit writing to 4x (and for high quality I recommend 1x) it is likely your drive will work fine. If you do need a high speed USB 2.0 connection I would try COMP USA or Tiger Direct or ProVantage. There are a variety of good PCMCIA slot devices for USB 2.0
Hi Rives:

1x in normal (i.e. non-Audio Quality Master Mode)?

If so, is this what you use for mastering CDs or for making CD compilations from hard drive based WAV files?

Any impressions of the differences between this and 4X in Audio Master mode?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

P. S. - The laptop USB 2.0 adaptor is an eventual planned upgrade to optimize burning of data files using high speed media (supposedly very high speed media produces more C1 and C2 errors at low burn speeds. Any thoughts on the quality of the Fuji/Tayo Yuden CD-Rs as data storage disks?). Any particular brands that you would recommend?
I use 1x for audio masters for our Test CDs. We use Mitsui Gold CD-Rs. I do not believe these are "high speed" media and do much better at low speeds. We do not do any non-audio burning. All back up is on tape or redundant hard drives--so really no experience on high speed data back up.
Hope that helps.