Suggestions for integrated amp for VR.Jr.

Need help selecting a ss integrated amp for VSA VR 4 Jr. in the 3 to 4 K range.
Any amp that matches with the wilson line would do well
IMO you will get a much more musical presentation with a tube amp like the VK-300x (BAT). That would sound awesome. If you must go SS, I would go with the Levinson, Sim Audio or Plinius.

I think to get the most out of these speakers you need tubes somewhere in the chain.
good listening.
I have the jr.'s and I've been extremaely pleased with the Manley Stingray integrated.
WIMBW, I have also found that a good silver ic works well with this combo.
Good Luck!
I dont own these speakers....but based on what I heard at the CES 2006 show I agree a tube amp would be nice.
I have heard that the VAC Avatar works nicely with the JR's (in fact, if I recall
correctly Albert showed the JR's with the Avatar at one of the electronics
shows in the last two years). I'm sure the BAT integrated would be nice as
well. Those are both tube units of course.

As for SS. I used the MAC 6900 integrated for 2 years with my JR's and
thought it a great match.