Suggestions for Integrated amp.

Greetings everyone.

I believe that i am ready to downsize my entire rig and have been looking at some integrated amps.
Right now I have a Krell KAV 250 A Power Amp, Classe 6L MKII,  Marantz Sa11 S1 CD, Pioneer S-2ex Loudspeakers with dedicated stands (Read TAD), Linn Axis table and miscellaneous Audioquest interconnects and Cardas Cross speaker wires, by wire.  

I don't think that I want to deal with tubes due to the hassle, heat and space in my rack is at a premium. I love the fact that the speakers are super fast and the Krell/Classe combo controls bass with aplomb. I guess that I am looking at something more romantic and definitely darker so I can listen to it for hours without fatigue.

I listened to  the Parasound Halo integrated integrated which was very nice. I also keep reading great things about the Marantz reference integrated PM11-s3.(Which would match my CD player.
 I am not sure if I really need 250 watts per channel. I once borrowed a pair of Audience SE 24 XLR and were absolutely fabulous but super expensive. I am a professional musician (pianist) and play live music constantly so I may be hard to please. I don't mind going back to tone controls since I HATE BRIGHT!!!! and I am honestly tired of the whole Hi Fi Audiophile stuff. Just want to sit down and listen to music. I do appreciate good quality but I am ready to give it all up. I don't have a dedicated listening room so that poses a problem.  Suggestions please and thanks in advance. Best wishes. 
If you're on a tighter budget than the units noted above, look at the Cambridge 851A. I had the previous 840A years back and preferred it over a much more expensive Marantz Reference. The Marantz units are good but I think there's better for the money; prefer their players over their amps. Lots of Cambridge dealers out there so if you're close to one try one at home first.
.Are you talking about the D-Premier? Sounds like you need a degree in computer science to operate the thing...

Actually just the opposite. D-Premier, 120, 200, 400, 800 they are all essentially the same. It is the most user friendly piece of gear I have used. Sophisticated, yes but the entire thing is set up using a configurator online. You can play with it here; http://http//

Click on an input to activate or disable it, click the carrot to configure.
Can't go wrong with the Modwright KWI-200, lots of clean power to drive most any speaker and on the used market its very affordable. 
As far as budget is concerned I will guess in the $3500 range and most likely used. I am sure I can sell my existing gear to partially fund the new amp.