Suggestions for integrated amp

I am considering the purchase of either a YBA Passion 200 w/phono or a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp.

Amp will be used with a Marantz SA11 CDP, Nottingham Horizon
SE TT and JBL Century 100 speakers. Would appreciate suggestions/recommendations for either the YBA or the Musical Fidelity. Thanks.
If I had to choose between the two, I would choose YBA. More musical to me.
I agree with Eldarado .
YBA should be a clear step above MF .
I like the YBA too. All depends on that holy grail of synergy though. Try to audition first.
I have always wondered about those JBL Century speakers. What do they compare to? THey look cool.

Good luck!
It depends on your system and tastes. For me, I would also pick the YBA.
No matter which amp you choose, the synergy (match)between the system (particularly the integrated) and the JBL's is really the key. You're probably buying used from Audiogon so there's no way to audition in your system. So it's always a gamble. I had one YBA product in my home (the Audio Refinement Complete). It seemed pretty musical to me too.