Suggestions For Infinity Speakers $500

I don't post too often so you may not remember me, but, I've got an assortment of speakers, and am thinking of adding a pair of Infinity's in the future. I have Crescendo 3009's now, but they're dedicated to the basement. They're also on the heavy side. I've had RS-6000's in the past, but they needed refoaming so I didn't really get to listen to them, and I sold them (kicking myself I think). I am very impressed with the EMIT tweeters so far.
I listen to mostly low volume stuff...not much rock-n-roll any more. I have some Vandersteens too, 2C, 2Ci and a 3. Eventually I will narrow all this down to 2-3 sets. So what ever Infinity's I get, they should be comparable or better than the Vandy 2 or 3, and the 3009 for that matter.
Room sizes are smallish, less than 20x20, with furniture. Vandy's seem to fill a room pretty well in all directions.

There are some RS III's not too far away, another pair of 3009's, some SM150's, but I can also wait for something better if needed.

I have read that Infinity's can be either real good or real bad...I'm trying to get a feel for what to watch out for, good and bad.

Contact Miller Sound's Bill Legall He knows Infinity very well. BTW he could have refoamed your woofers there is no one that does it better.