Suggestions for inexpensive desktop system?

Hi all.
Wanting to add music to my office at work. Needs to be small and unobtrusive.

May use a portable Sony Disc-man or laptop as CD source, Walkman for FM.

Unfortunately using the network/Internet for such pursuits is frowned upon.

Don't have phone or any cellular enabled device.

I have been considering the Swan M10 sat/sub. So now you know what I mean by inexpensive.

System will be used low level and nearfield as you surmise.

Like lots of different music..

As always any suggestions and feedback is welcome.


BOSE???? It is for background, after all, you are supposed to be working.
I have a set of these:

They sound pretty darn good for the price.
I can't recommend the Focal system more.
Hi Dave,

I have no experience with it, but I've seen the Audioengine A2, at $199, receive high praise from users here, as well as in the reviews linked to at their website.

Best regards,
-- Al

Hi everyone.

Want to thank you all for your responses.

Al; had seen the A2 and am considering since it is at the upper end of the budget.

WP: Looks like a great system, perhaps for the home some day. Thanks.

Mofi: definitely in the budget, thank you.

Rok; have considered bose, especially since I heard damn good sound coming from some integrated iPod player at a recent meeting.

Have considered an inexpensive older receiver. I do have the AR 7s.

And a Scott, however am not to keen on bringing them to work.
Finally settled on an old HK 430 reciever in very good shape and some Boston A60s that look ok; little elbow grease will clean them right up.

For $120.00 I figured how could I go wrong?

Got it all set atop a credenza about 7' behind me.

They sound good together too. I'm pleased!

Thank you all for your input.