Suggestions for In wall speakers?

I have searched old threads and cannot find postings regarding any of the following 'in wall' speakers.

Vandersteen VSM-1, B&W Signature 7NT, KEF Ci Reference 2000, and PSB CustomSound M6X6.1. I realize the Vandersteen is on wall, but I plan to cut away sufficient wall area to hide it, if chosen. The others are in wall designs and appeal to me for one reason or another. Any of you compared one of these to any other on my list?

Comments concerning tonal balance, dynamics and the ability to blend would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is not as ideal as floor standing models, but would still like the best this category has to offer.
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Hi, Albert: It isn't exactly clear to me how you intend to use the in-wall speakers, so I will assume they are for your HT system. If so, then you should take a serious look at Thiel's new "Powerpoint" speakers which are designed to be mounted in the ceiling. I heard these speakers recently, and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. I have a Vandersteen-based HT system (3A Signatures, VCC-1 Signature center channel), but due to space limitations I could not wall mount the VSS-1's. The Theil Powerpoints look like the solution I may adopt -- check them out.
For a guy that owns Vandersteen, that is a very strong recommendation. I will add them to my list. I plan to buy two pair of HT speakers, one for side walls and for rear. The new Dolby EX will take advantage of this configuration, so I would like to be ready for the future in one upgrade.

Did you audition the Powerpoint against the Vandersteens, or did you rule out the Vandys due to space and not make the comparison?
Albert: Due to the rather small size of my living/listening room, the Vandy VSM's were never actively considered -- my wife would not have stood still for that. I have, however, listened to the VSM's at a local dealer. Unfortunately, there is no local dealer than carries both Thiel and Vandersteen, so was unable to do an A/B comparison. Since we are on this subject, I don't know if you are interested in other options for surround speakers. If you are, I also listened recently to the new Snell tri-pole surrounds (MSRP about $1500), and they sounded excellent (you can also easily change the color of the grill cloth to match your decor).