Suggestions for HT recieiver with Pre-outs.

A friend of mine has just been bitten by the high end audio bug. He wants to get a receiver but I suggested that he get a receiver that has pre-outs. This will obviously give him the option to substitute the power for music with a stronger power amp. The problem is,,,,,,,,he doesn't want to spend more than 3 or 4 hundred bucks right now. Are there any Home Theater Receivers that have pre-outs under 4 hundred bucks?

please help
help please
You might try the outlaw audio 1050. Great reciever and has preamp outs. I've been using mine for almost a year and have found no problems.
If it were me I wouldn't trip on pre-outs. Why buy an Integrated piece if your going to by-pass the amp? Either be happy with a good integrated amp or bite the bullet and buy seperates.

Let's face it we've all been there and most of us made the jump to seperates when the time came.

Maybe if his speakers were just middle of the road and his digital front end and cabling weren't quite up to snuff, then maybe an integrated piece would fit right in.

Take a good look at the whole system before dumping all your cash in one area.

We all no how good a pre/amp combo sounds but we also know that a transport/dac combo makes a huge difference to, or upgrading to the next level of speakers or maybe adding a nice sub-woofer in.

Let's face it if he has the bug stand back and let him figure out what he wants. He can always buy and sell here as time goes on.

Good luck!

Thanks, I appreciate the input.

Costco had the Pioneer 711 for $200 recently. I was sorry I'd already spent more on a receiver - it should meet your pal's needs very nicely.

I WOULD trip on pre-outs. It's nice to upgrade a step at a time... That way you're not splitting the budget when you go separates... you buy all the amp you can afford - then later a nice expensive preamp - then maybe you realize the preamp is an expensive volume control and go back to just a receiver with extra balls added... LOTS of fun!

Good luck anyway... but I would not buy a receiver with no preouts at any price if I were you or your friend.