Suggestions for high efficiency speakers?

I attended the Capital Audiofest and thought the Audio Note room had the best sound to my ears. Another attendee from Florida had a copy of "A Night in Tunisia" and it sounded like you were sitting in Art Blakey's chair with his drums right there in front of you. I want that palpability, that "you are there" sound I think low watt amps and high efficiency speakers deliver better than any other combination.


A couple years ago I heard the DeVore 96s at the same show and loved their sound, anyone know of other speakers that give the same sensations?


My system is a SOTA Sapphire w Sumiko MMT and Zu-modified Denon 103 into an Art Audio Vinyl One phono pre into a Lamm LL2 Deluxe pre into an Art Audio Jota SET power amp and into Joseph RM25 sigs.

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So...I am the importer for Art Audio. I would encourage you to look at Zu. They work extremely well with Art Audio Amps.

Tom, the owner of Art Audio runs Tannoys and they are an outstanding match.

I have multiple customers running Klipsch. Cube Audio is a fine choice to pair.

That being said, the best option is probably Avantgarde Zeros based on your budget. They are incredible and my first choice. I would need to see if the distributor still has stock but they should be around $15K. The mids and treble would be driven the Jota and the bass has 500w power amps integrated.

I became an Avantgarde Dealer because of Art Audio

Thanks, verdantaudio, I think I met you a couple years ago at CAF. Those brands all ought to be good but aren't Avantgarde's really sensitive to placement? BTW, I love Art Audio, my Vinyl One is a recent addition and I am totally satisfied.

I did not realize the budget was in the Avantgarde Zero range (good speaker).  In that case, something like the Voxativ Ampeggio is also a candidate.  In that price range my favorite remains the Charney Audio Companion speaker (particularly with the AER driver option).  

At the most recent Capital Audiofest, I heard, and really liked, the Fyne F1 speakers.  They were being shown with solid state amplification (Chord), but, they are reasonably efficient so they would probably work well with low and medium power tube electronics.  The engineers for Fyne came from Tannoy, so the drivers are similar to the coaxial drivers that Tannoy also use.