Suggestions for good shielded interconnects?

All, I need a pair of RCA interconnects for my phono stage and I would like them to be a shielded design. I was told by some that shielded cable has higher capacitance and some manufacturers decided to do without shielding at all.

Nevertheless, I hope someone can make some suggestions for a good pair of shielded IC. Budget is < $500, and I don't mind buying used.

Thanks for helping
Although many interconnects are not shielded and will work in most situations, this does not apply to the phono interconnect that runs between the tonearm and the phono preamp - in general, that connection must be shielded. Is it the cable running from the tonearm to the phono stage or from the phono stage to the main system preamp? If your query relates to the former, then I suggest a phono cable from VPI - I have one and it works wonderfully (I have tried many, the VPI yields the lowest noise and sounds excellent).
You might be able to snag a set of Purist Audio Venustas in your budget. I used a set on my phonostage for quite some time. Very nice cable.

Roger Modjeski at Music Reference also makes a nice set of shielded cables. Very reasonably priced.
I have a VPI Aries-3, and the TT has RCA output jack, so I can use ordinary RCA interconnects to connect between the TT and my phono preamp.


I also have a VPI (superscoutmaster/JMW9) and that table also uses RCA end-to-end. So, the VPI cable should work excellently for you as well. If you buy it from Music Direct, they have a good return policy, should you decide it is not right for your setup.
I second the VPI Phono Cable. It worked wonders for me in solving some RF interference.
I have a Superscoutmaster/10.5i and the best I have found is the Anti-Cables. It is shielded, however, if you have a lot of electronic junk around, they will double shield it for you. I ordered the double shield to be positive, and it was dead quiet. I also tried the regular and it was just as quiet. The regular is a fraction more open sounding, but you will not notice it unless you A/B both the cables
Hi Seasoned, do you mind tell me what other cables have you tried before settling on the VPI???