Suggestions for getting a commission to custom build tube amps

I read about some people commissioning someone to build custom amps and preamps for them in Audiogon. I spent more than a year perfecting an 833A SET trying several different ways to couple a 45 driver to the grid before I was satisfied with it. It uses 4.5 Farad filter capacitors on the 10 Volt 10 Amp cathode heaters and it is perfect for my Magnepan 0.7 speakers.
Can anybody suggest how I might earn some honest money custom building my design on a commission? I would feel best if someone who wanted to hire me to do it could hear and see my system and discuss the style of the chassis. It takes under $2000 in parts to build a pair of monoblocks. for pictures of it before I converted to Magnepan speakers and my final choice for the Lundahl transformer coupling the 45 SET to the grid of the 833-A.
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Nice, but a little understated. Could you do one in neon?
Well the OP did say his inspiration for the look was Jules Verne, so I would say it follows that inspiration. I am sure if he were commissioned to build a pair, he could do more traditional cases if the buyer wanted.

I have never marketed any product, but I would think a good place to start would be some audio gatherings. It would give people an opportunity to hear the amplifier and give their thoughts. If positive that might be enough to convince a potential buyer, even one who has not heard it, to take the chance and purchase a pair.
I grew up on Jules Verne! 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Mysterious Island, From the Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, I read em all.

Remind me again, which one featured neon green and day-glo acrylic?

Very nice being a Maggie man would love to hear the system.
Will it power larger Maggie's too.
Maybe if you had a local audio club you could present there or local audio store.
Guessing ... ’sound signature’ is Technicolored... : )
I met my repair guy through the local Craigslist page. You can find listings for audio swapmeets there too.
I doubt that anyone out there will take you seriously with cosmetics like that What possessed you to make it look like that? 
I have looked at your finished amp, and it is unique in its appearance.
If this is the finished type of Amp you wish to maintain and offer as a commission build, then making it known to a certain type of customer that follows the,
'Steam Punk' or 'Goth' style might be impressed enough to contact you.
Styling only will only create a limited interest, the SQ is the factor that will get interest from further afield. 
I am sure that if the case was made a little more 'usual' home decor friendly, others may express a interest, especially if a few independent reports from auditions are favorable to the SQ, as well as the end price being seen to be reasonable.
As a base, your assessment of your work, will not be taken as seriously as that of a individuals who have auditioned it and passed on their appraisal of the SQ. 
My commission built 845's PP's are in my mind something special, I could talk about them with great appraisal, but how serious this would be taken by the larger community is a unknown, but I suspect mainly not much.
The 845's went to a Enthusiasts HiFi Show ( The Wam Show 2019), 
 where they were on Audition over a Saturday Evening to fellow exhibitors,
( Room 106, my audition room held guests all night).
On Sunday ( 500 Public Visitors),  the room was full all day, and the rumour was going around that Room 106, was the one to visit.
The builder of the Amps, whose details were on display, has not got any enquiries following this show, about his services.
A good place to start is the expression of satisfaction and pride of ownership that comes from your build.
To have built a unique device, that offers a performance that impresses, is a very good place to be.
To create a growing interest in ones work, and see that grow into a customer base, is a uphill trudge.
I wish you Good Luck with your venture.         
I would think to be taken seriously by anyone other than Willy Wonka, you might wish to try-initially, anyway-a more traditional housing for your product. Regardless, best of fortune to you. The internet is an incredibly powerful selling tool if you utilize it correctly to suit your purposes.
Audiophiles have enough trouble dusting their amps let alone having them dry cleaned.
Seriously drbarney1, you must know, as the previous poster said, that that sort of presentation makes the product look like a joke, and it would be hard to shake that image in the future. You would be more successful with a clean, lab sort of look.
Dr Emmett Brown from Back to the Future.
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Can it be modified to act as an outdoors flying bug killer?
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My apologies for my last post! That sure is an awesome amp! Comparable to a Kawasaki 750 Mach III (excuse my motorcycle analogy)!