Suggestions for first hifi system

I am in the process of putting together my first hifi system. Rega Planet 2000 CDP with a melody H34 integrated tube amp and Meadowlark Kestrel speakers. I would appreciate if someone has any thoughts on the interconnects/cables to be used with this configurations.

Thanks for your help!
Kimber Kable Tonic interconnects. good quality and affordable (approx $65 for .5 meter).

Kimber Kable 4vs speaker cable. (approx $110 for 10ft pair).

check out on audio advisor website.
Sounds like a nice start for a first system.
The Kestrels are great at rendering a life like soundstage, I know as I currently have two pair of them. Use solid core cables to get an extra three dimensional quality. Don't need to be expensive, low end Audioquest cables work well with my Kestrels.
Can't speak to your other components as I haven't heard them.
Bluejeans cables and ICs. I like these guys because they show you exactly what you are getting.

Welcome into audioland, Jsj79...

I know that at this point price is probably an important factor, and you don't want to waste your time or your money, so since you asked for our advice, I suggest...

Morrow Audio, Morrow cables...

enter one of his auctions here on Audiogon and take advantage of his 60 trial period... sometimes you can snag a set of entry-level speaker cables or interconnects for very, very low prices... search in the 'gon under Morrow...

Be sure to follow his advice/directions about break-in. I think you'll find something you like in his entry-level line. His entry-level cables give a clear hint of what is possible as you move up the line. In themselves for some systems they are just right.

If you are going to experiment with cabling, I suggest that you combine interconnects and speaker cables from the same mfgr to begin with.

Give Mike Morrow a call... easy to talk to, and as I said, the price is right... no affiliation with Morrow here... just a happy customer on a couple of my systems.

:) listening,

It doesn't matter at this price point. Any respectable brand of cable/wire/power cord will do at your level.

Buy some more music. Check out some indie stuff at CDBaby.

Upgrade your CDP then speakers when you have the green.
Set a budget and try a few at that price point. Look here and see what is selling, and how is priced in relation to new. Buy used and try them if not you can usually re-coup most of your investment. Also try the lending library. For the cost of shipping you can try 3-4 cables in your system. That's how I landed on my choice.
Again it depends on your budget,but best buy for the buck and they make one model is SoundStringCable. they are going to quote list.I discount.give me an e-mail you will not regret it.
Thanks everyone for your feedback. These are all interesting options. Earlier I was thinking on the lines of Cardas/Wireworld/Kimber. While I am at it, any suggestions for a rack under $500 ? I was suggested Salamander by a good friend.
I got a 4 shelf Sanus rack for $150. Sturdy, 9" of vertical space between shelves, easy to assemble, does what I need it to do. This is the same rack sold by Audio Advisor.
the vti is a great rack.
This wire sounds really good for homemade.
It beats all my expensive speaker wire that I have tried.