Suggestions for electronics for new HT system

I have been gradually gathering my speakers for my new HT room in new house and now am desiring recommendations for electronics. I will be using B&W 802s as two fronts and HTM1 for center. The B&W 805s will be side and SCMs two rears. I am going to purchase a DD18 Velodyne as a sub. I would like suggestions for a good match with these speakers for dvd, cd, amp, pre-amp sound processor etc... I also would like suggestions in regard to projector dlp vs. lcd. Would appreciate any advice and would like to spend around 10k for the rest of the system. Thanks
Check out Rotel, good bang for the buck...and is often mated with BW speakers at dealers, unles you want to spend alot of money just to say you have a high price HT, I see no reason why Rotel wouldnt fit your needs
If you'll also be listening to music on your system I'd check out the Cary audio stuff. I own the Cinema 6 pre/pro, Cinema 5 amp, and DVD-6. Those three well matched pieces (cosmetically and sonically) do a fantastic job with music and Home Theater both. By far the best electronics I've ever owned.

As far as DLP VS LCD - just like the audio, go try to check it out in person. LCD is cheaper than DLP and the performance gap is narrowing. I've had a Sony LCD projector (HS10) for several years, and I still love it.
I saw a demo of the Epson DLP and it is pretty good
Check out a brand new Arcam AVR300 home theatre receiver. Has a nice phono section, excellent analogue stereo listening, and is very good as a processor with all the usual modes. The amplifier is also very good and powerful enough for all but things like Thiel and nasty Maggies at 1 ohm!

A used Krell HTS is also a nice choice but I'd look at the Arcam. A used Meridian DVD 596 is a decent choice but I am not very versed in high end DVD players as I do not watch that much in the way of DVD since HDTV came out.

Knowing your budget would help.

Artizen - He said $10K in the last sentence.

I'd think about an Anthem set-up along with the Cary, which is also very nice. For your price range you should be able to do better than Rotel.
McIntosh Baby!
Used- Anthem AVM 30 Pre-pro $2500.
Used- Mac 402's on the 802's $3100
Used- Mac 7104 biamp two channels for the HTM 1 and the other two channels for the 805's $1500
Used- any decent 2 channel 150 watt NAD- $300 for the SCM's
Used Esoteric DV50 DVD/SACD- $2,500
And you have a whole $100 left over for cables.
Superb recommendation by Lokie, but I'd find a few extra ($1,000?) for cables.