suggestions for DVD player as transport

Can you audiophiles recommend a DVD player that works as an excellent transport? Or would you recommend a separate CD transport as "better"?

I already have a top-notch DAC that handles 24/96 inputs, so I'd bypass the internal DAC on the DVD player, though not the DVD player's Dolby Digital decoding in the digital domain.

I currently use a Sony DVP7700 for DVD and CD, but it downconverts DVDs to redbook specs for digital output. I'd hate to get both a new DVD player *and* a CD transport if that can be avoided. I'd like to hold off on the CD only transport until the SACD/DVD-A picture settles more. An AES/EBU output would be great too.
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What is your DAC. If it is top notch as you say, then get a top notch transport. A DVD would a top notch disaster as you top notch DAC would reveal all of its bad qualities. The better your components are , the worse your bad components will sound.
I'm using a Muse 9 sig as a transport only now into a DCS Delius. The DAC is a big improvement over the digital section in the Muse. And the Muse is pretty highly rated. You could go with a Muse 8/Erato and pick up DVD-A as well.
Your answer may be at .Good Luck!
I disagree. The Pioneer DVDs like the 4l4 and 525 make excellent transports, especially when modified. Better yet, my Musical Concepts-modded 4l4 didn't even need a DAC except to achieve some audiophile cred ( When hooked up to a full-bells-and-whistles MSB it sounded identical with and without the MSB). If you don't believe it (and I probably wouldn't either), you simply haven't heard one. I'll be selling mine soon; finally found something that sounds better (a Sony XA777ES SACD player). Cheers, Dave
The Theta DaViD is a very good transport. You can find them used for around $2000.
You don't specify a price range; I was in the same boat and bought a Denon 2800 DVD player. I use it as a transport with my MSB (The plate) DAC and it is sweet sounding (for CD's). My main love remains analog (read: that's where the big money goes). The Denon retails at 799, and I have had no problems with it as a DVD player. It also offers progressive scan. Good Luck.
Pioneer is coming out with the DVD 47 soon which does all the formats in multichannel but I do not think it has bass management in the analog outputs of it multichannel capability so you still do not have perfect unless you get its HT receiver that does have bass management in its multichannel analog inputs - as a transport Pioneer is pretty good. Another good choice is the Mcintosh 841 DVD/CD unit.