Suggestions for current blues guitarists

I have picked up two what I consider real good blues discs in the last few weeks. Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart - Don't Explain, and Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights EP. The Bright Lights album is only 4 songs, but 4 real good ones, I can't wait to hear more from Gary Clark Jr. Anyways I was just trying to see if anybody here has any suggestions for similar type albums out now. Thanks.

The first two songs on Gary Clark Jr.'s EP are killer!

"The first two songs on Gary Clark Jr.'s EP are killer!"

What's the titles?
Jonny Lang, been pro since he was 14 and just turned 30. Great live player from Minnesota. Slays the Les Paul, a really fat sound. I prefer the Strat for blues personally, but he made a believer of me. And, he has a really hot sister who sings in the band. More reason to see him live.
davey knowles and back door slam.
Nick Moss
Ronnie Earl
Kirk Fletcher
Jimmy Thackery
Sorry to hijack, but don't you find it strange that there seem to be so few African-Americans in the new crop of blues guitarists?

I can't figure if it is some strange cultural shift, or if the record labels don't believe that they are marketable and that the audience for this art form is primarily young and caucasian.
Lokie the first two cuts are Bright Lights, and Don't owe you a Thang.

Viridian, thats not hijacking the thread at all, I totally agree with you whats with that?

And thanks for the other suggestions folks, I'll look into them.
have you checked out tinsley ellis?
No I sure haven't but I will now, thank you.
"storm warnings" is a good place to start
To guitar players there are few who amaze as much as Sonny Landreth. Jaw dropping.
Ana Popovic-Blind for Love & Unconditional

Joanne Shaw Taylor-White Sugar
Lightnin' Malcolm, Smokin Joe Kubek, Coco Montoya, Ainsley Lister, Tom Principato, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Studebaker John
For acoustic blues, try Rory Block. For something a little more mainstream, try Susan Tedeschi. For something w a little bit of a jazzy groove, try Duke Robillard.
Wow thanks for all the excellent suggestions folks. This gives me a lot of music to start checking out as the weather gets colder and I stay inside much more and listen to a lot more music.

Black blues player? Melvin Taylor from Chicago. Closest to Jimi Hendrix alive today. Plus, he plays a lot of soulful blues too. This guy plays the lights out. "Rendevous with the blues" is the latest i've heard of. "Dirty Pool" has a few Stevie ray covers that don't disappoint.
Sonny Landreth is a great call. The guy's fingers are longer than my arms - which doesn't hurt when you're playing. For an added bonus, check out his very, very early stuff with the Zydeco singer Zachary Richard. Less flahsy than his later material, but great, great music.

Other good players include Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer (yep, that one - with Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino in the JM Trio), and Lance Keltner.

Well I picked up a couple of Melvin Taylor discs today, I went to my favorite used record store looking for some of the suggestions and all I came up with was the Melvin Taylor music, and from just what I've heard so far I'll be looking for some more of his stuff, thanks Wildoats. I'll have to look online for some of the Sonny Landreth albums, and others, I like to give the local used music stores the business if possible.

Glad you liked Melvin Taylor. Another from the late 60's/70's, Rory Gallagher the great Irish blues guitarist. Live in Europe, Irish Tour, Tattoo, Calling card.
Warren Haynes. Man in Motion is not only a great album but the LP is very well made.
I will follow up with a couple of specific suggestions. Try Ronnie Earl live in Europe and Kirk Eli Fletcher's My Turn. Ronnie is very prolific, but this live disc is a great sampling of his skills. You can check it out on amazon if your local store does not have it. Kirk Fletcher is more recent. He is a well known session player and really steps up on his solo outings. Good luck and let us know what you find. This is a very rich timeless genre with lots of artists going back 50 years.
Another excellent blues guitarist UTR is Tommy Castro. He has a unique vocal style and his band is top notch.

We recentlty saw Matthew Stubbs in the Charlie Musselwhite band. WOW! He could have easily taken ove the show if Charlie hadn't reined him in. If Charlie is passing through your town, don't even think about - go see him. I was catching flies for days after.