Suggestions for contemporary Jazz CD's

Looking to augment my Jazz collection (I like to collect CD's). Recent recordings over the past 10-15 yrs that have really excited fans. Most of mine is centered on 50's and 60's. Mainly centered Miles, Louis, Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Billy, and Bird. I also like female vocals like Diana Krall and Alicia Keys. Any suggestions for things that stand out in your mind would be appreciated.  
A few recent jazz albums that I’ve enjoyed:

Artemis - S/T    All female all-star group. I enjoy this female perspective on today’s jazz.

Ron Carter - Foursight - The Complete Stockholm Tapes     A live album that includes Renee Rosnes, who is also in Artemis. Ron Carter keeps calling her Irene, though. Good album.

Curtis Stigers - Gentleman     Curtis could be considered a male Diana Krall. The jazz is pretty basic. He’s got a good late night voice and sings with feeling. Good songs on this album.

Sarah McKenzie - We Could Be Lovers      She plays piano and sings, that sounds familiar. Worth a listen. You could do a lot worse.

You're welcome.  Let me know if you liked any of these in particular.  I may be able to recommend some others.
Dave Coz. (just kidding)
Black Ice, Wolfert Brederode Trio on ECM (redbook only at the time I bought it a few years ago) is very good and very good sounding. And I’m not a CD guy for the most part. Some aspects of it remind me of the very chill sound of early Windham Hill. 
WBT certainly has my curiosity and will check it out. Was always a fan of the winter solstice stuff. Thanks for the response.
Excellent suggestions as above. Add;Branford Marsalis. Wynton Marsalis. Kurt Elling. Contemporary Jazz is alive and well.

Happy Listening!