Suggestions for CD Lens Cleaner?

I am just trying to find out if there are any improvements of using a disk that cleans the lens in cd players, I dont know if it would scratch the lens or even help. If they are good please let me know which one to buy, I own a very expensive cd player so I may not want to play around with such a thing unless it is safe, please good quality suggestions. THANKS Ps-I just figure I take very good care of my cds as not to get dirt in the player in the first place,however there is no way of keeping out all dust so I want to treat the laser as well if it will help. I have no problem with cd playback im just tweaky and want to take good care of the equipment.
I use a CD lenz brush-cleaning disc from Audio Source. Can't say that it improves the sound when no problems are otherwise apparent. But there was one time when the laser lenz must have been dust-contaminated because some discs were skipping a bit, so I used the cleaning disc. That time it fixed the skipping problem, so for about $35 (I think it was) the Audio Source was worthwhile having around. Now I probably run it about 2X a year just as a preventive measure.
Where can you obtain a product like this? Will the products sold for computers also work?
Matrix. I too was worried about damaging my lense so when I read in UHF magazine that they use somthing called "Perfect Image CD lens cleaner", I ordered one for about $30.00 CDN. I was having some skipping once in a while as it had never been cleaned . The skipping went away but could not hear a difference sonicly. I used it my car cd player and kind of bent the little brushes. Being thrifty , read cheap, I did not to fork out another thirty so soon, So next time im my local multi-function drugstore I bought a similar product for about $8.00. They look similar ie. both have tiny little soft brushes ,although in a different layout, but both are made in China. The second one is from by a company called Allsop and calls it self a CD laser lens cleaner. It claims to do CD,DVD and Game players. I can't hear a difference after I use it but I have never had a disk skip since. So like Bob Bundas above I use it once in a while just as maintence. Hope this helps. Cheers steve