Suggestions for CD burner

I am looking for suggestions for a new CD burner. I am looking for a two drawer burner that will also make copies of copies, and is simple to operate.
Copies of copies in a 2 drawer are difficult, I have both a HK CDR 20, and a HHB Burnit 830plus. The Burnit it is clearly a supperior deck, but the HK is no slouch either.

However I have to take the output from either my HK or my Sony ES deck digital out and take it in to the HHB. BTW: HHB allows you to record on blank regular media, not the CD-Audio media like home decks.

I suggest for what you want to do you either look at a pro duplicator or a pro-deck. Marantz makes some dual drawer units, but like the HHB, they are not cheap.

Suggest you check out the Sony ES RCD-W2000ES (MSRP $600). I've had one for the past year, have used it extensively, and am very pleased with it. It is very flexible, easy to use, and makes copies of extremely high audio quality.
Hi Husk01,

Stand alone consumer cd burners with two bays are getting harder and harder to find. Many manufacturers are getting out of this market due to computer owners opting for cd writers and ripping cds that way.

I have a TDK DA-5900 and am very please with it but it is no longer made. My friend has a Pioneer W839 (also no longer made) and he was experiencing a minor problem with finalization so we began to search for a replacement in mid-October '04. What he ended up purchasing was a Sony RCD-W500C.

Burned cds from the Sony sound just as good as the original. All copies are made at 1x's and on either Matsui or Taiyo Yuden (Maxell made in Japan Goldlabel) music/audio cds. You can pick up the music Maxell's for 50 @ $11.22.

Good luck with your search and OBTW, I liked the Sony so much I ended up purchasing one just to use occasionally and have on reserve in case my TDK dies.

I just recieved an HHb 830 BurnIt yesterday, and have transferred about 5 hours of DAT tape to CD so far. My initial impressions are that the HHb is a mighty fine unit. Very easy to operate, SCMS free, digi in/out, analog in/out, IEC power for use with an aftermarket power cord.

Biggest problem with the new units is that are in in short supply. It took some digging arounf before I found a retailer that had them in stock. Most were saying 3-4 week wait. I got mine from Sweetwater Music Recieved it two days after ordering it on the phone.