Suggestions for cables with Cary Audio.

Analysis Paralysis with interconnect cables.

I am looking for a moderately priced (400-600 dollar range). I am using Cary tube
equipment with Merlin speakers and Rel sub. Every Cable seems to have people
that love them and people that hate them. I am currently Looking at the Nordost Red
dawns. However, they don't seen to have the low end.
try coincident cst-1 interconnects. i have found
them to be a very musical, balanced sound, nothing
veiled and not bright.
I have had great luck with Silver Audio and/or Bear Labs Silver Lighting.
I am using Nordost Red Dawn with my Cary 805 monoblocks and find them a good match in my system . I use the innerconnects and the Rev 11 speaker cables. They are very detailed and I find the botttom end only limited by the tube SET design. Good luck.