Suggestions for Cables all with Krell

I'm looking for suggestions for the best cable combination with Krell gear. I have a Krell 500i, 300cd which I use for two channel. If anyone has good suggestions for power, speaker, and interconnect cables, I'd love to hear it... but I'd also like to know what you like about the cables and what expect when listening to them on Krell gear.

I currently use Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables and have an Audioquest Viper ballanced interconnect between the 500i and the 300cd. I'm not too thrilled with the Audioquest but it does sound better than "free/give away" RCA cables. Suggestions please..
I have Krell HTS and KAV-250a amp. I'm using Nordost Blue Haven balanced interconnects. They are very detailed and much better than the MIT 330 Pro cables I had before.
Try Synergistic Research. I personally use it all over my system. They may just have the right cables for you. I persoanlly work for an audio/video store and recently I sold a pair of Synergistic Research speaker wire for a customer who owns a pair of NHT VT 2, Krell 300i and Sony 7ES CD Player. If need more help feel free to give me a call at work. (888) 818-9889. Wish you the best of luck

Dump the Krell. Keep the free ic's and start from scratch. You'll be much happier.
I agree with Bill. I have a Krell300cd, KAV250A amp with a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 between them. I am using Synergistic Research Resolution Reference all around including power & speaker cords. I had Cardas Quadlink 4 before & got a very nice sound with them but the Synergistic Research is something special. I get great detail,seperation of instruments,& a huge soundstage. I am using the active shielding which is worth the invesment. The cable company will let you try them & other cables. You can also look up Billb2 in thre Audiogon directory. He is a dealer for Cardas & Synergistic research & a great guy to do business with. Good luck; Larry
I've been using all Krell for the number of years and have tried AQ and MIT. I currently using Kimber select and find these to a great match. Excellent detail and soundstage. (krell equipment: KRC-2, FPB200, SBP3x/MD20)
Does anyone have Power Cord suggestions for Krell or is this something which doesn't make a big difference. Note on the Synergistic Research cables: those are the ones with the little "hanging thing" right? What is that? I've heard they tend to stop working over time and can actually have a negative effect once they become "charged".

Are Nordost Blue Heaven cables silver? Anyone try silver with Krell?
I presently own the Krell KPS-25SC, FPB-650MC's, Wilson Watt/Puppies 5.1's and use Transparent Reference cabling throughout and have for many years. I tried the Cardas, XLO and Audioquest and I preferred the soundstage, bass control, and dead quiet background of the Transparent cable. I also bought the Reference XL 15amp powercord for the KPS-25SC and it seemed to work well with the other Transparent cable and made the black blacker. I have used the Transparent stuff since my first Krell amp 8 years ago, the KSA-250, Rowland Consummate, Theta digital and B&W801 Matrix III's and it work well with that arrangement also. Ignore Dubya, he probably can't afford Denon equipment and is very jealous because he can't buy a Krell.
I am using FIM Gold power cord on my FPB200, I found this power cord to elevate the performance of my amp, the best power cord I heard on it,I actually have to lower my volume on the KRC3 by two clicks to get back to my normal listening level. With the KRC 3 I'm using BMI's Eel Reference Custom, I tried many power cord on it as well but I kept on coming back to the Eel for it.
Although I have no experience with your amp I would be willing to bet that a BMI WHALE cord will work well with it and they are not real expensive either. I have 2 of them on my VAC amp and like them there. Big soundstage, huge dynamics and very quick and detailed. Most people with the WHALES seem to like them on amps for some reason but your situation may vary. I have a friend with all Krell and he also likes the Transparent cables in his system, he swears by them so that's 2 votes fot them. Good Luck.
Powercord for the Krell - Go for - AUDIENCE!
You will not regret I assure you.
I have Krell electronics and Legacy Focus speakers. After copper vs silver, rca vs xlr, solid vs stranded wires, less than $100 a pair to several hundred a pair I finally settled on Stealth interconnects. Did the same thing with speaker cables. At one point I had AQ Midnight 3 hooked up on one channel and household 12ga on the other---both channels sounded the same. Ended up with 10ga Phoenix wire. Biggest improvement however was speaker placement. And make sure the polarity is the same throughout---a simple thing but so easy to make a mistake with if the wire is not marked clearly, or it is dark in that corner, or you are tired etc. So it is more than just wire-----
Transparent cable and power cords are the best for people who actually listen to great music and are familiar with a live concert experience i.e..Boston Symphony Hall or Kimmel center etc. Much experience and money goes into what I say..not hype or flavor of the month prose! Most people listen to crap however, as evidenced by the dwindling supply of great music at our local music stores.
>>Transparent cable and power cords are the best for people who actually listen to great music and are familiar with a live concert experience<<

In your opinion with your gear; not for everybody.

Blanket statements such as yours show a complete lack of understanding regarding the subject matter.
For what I've owned..Krell, ARC, BAT, Levinson, wilson, dynaudio, musical fidelity etc.., Transparent allows more of the music and it's dynamic contrast thru without unrealistic emphasis on any particular frequency range! Most reviewers are extremely understanding..they have to sell product.